How to telnet to computer and access switch configuration via serial port?

I have one server in my small network at home that has multiple purposes, one of which is to configure my Cisco router and Asante switch via serial ports. My goal is to be able to access the configuration for both my router and my switch from another room in the house. I can access my Cisco router configuration via telnet directly to the router, but the switch does not have that capability. The only way to access the configuration for the switch is via the serial console port. Is there any way to telnet into the machine whose serial port is connected to the switch and access it that way? I know that VNC is a viable option, but I don't want it to be graphical, only command-line. I just need an application that I can run on the server over telnet that basically does what hyperterminal does. The machine is running NT Server 4.0, latest SP. Thanks.
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
why not just connect to the server remotely, its allready connected :)

Remote Control

To Remote Control another PC/Server over a network you need some dedicated software

The most popular (because its free) is VNC (Virtual Network Computing) you can download it here or Consider

*** If You want to trial an open ended shareware Program try...

RemoteControl from DataSet   

*** If you want to trial (Time Limited) a Shareware Product try...

HueyPC From GID Software

*** If you want to trial a commercial product try...

PC Anywhere
NetOP From CrossTec
RADMIN from Sunbelt (cheap on small networks)

NOTE: If you intend to remotely control a Windows 2000 server use Terminal Services (add it as a windows componant and select remote ADMINISTRATION MODE) This gives you up to 2 concurrent connections
On your client install adminpak.msi from the W2K server disk. This RARELY works for Win XP, to fix  download this patch.

If your using Windows XP consider "Remote assistance"

Windows Netmeeting supports "remote desktop sharing"

If you need to connect to XP using OLDER operating systems look here

Bear in mind if you need to go through a router at home, you will need to enable port forwarding.
Or If you are going through a firewall you may need to open some ports, see the product documentation
for more details.

Of course if you lucky enough to have Novell you can use ZenWorks for Desktops as well!
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Plus high end Asante swiches have a web interface?
thomaswwilliamsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response, but all that data isn't applicapable to my situation. I explicitly stated that I don't want to use VNC, or any GUI software for that matter. I know how to connect to the server. I need an application (or command) to get data from the serial port once I'm connected via telnet / SSH to the machine. Also, this is a lower-end Asante switch. It doesn't have a web interface.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
OK Thomas best of luck :)
We have a Digi Terminal Server that can do exactly what you're talking about - It has 32 Serial Ports.  I can telnet to the Digi box and specify a port number.  The port number corresponds to the physical serial port - so that the telnet session actually connects to the serial port.

I know that they run a variant of Linux on the box, but I have no idea how it's done - I just wanted to post that it is possible.

Sorry I couldn't help more.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Mmm good point I seen to remember runing a Shiva Atom Spider port that did a similar job (though it was a long time ago)
You need to run an ssh or telnet server on the winNT box, you should then be able to access the serial port from the shell session.
(Never done this on a windows box, but in theory it should work).
Try these links:

There is an excellent free telnet/SSH client here:
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
putty is indeed excellent :)
Look into the following option:

You shoudl be able to 'rexec' to your server asking it to execute the program that does hypterterminal's job ( but just text based ).

I am not sure of a program to do this, but if you get stuck finding the software, let us know and we can have a look for you!
The machine on which your router and switch is connected I call it the server and the other machine in other room I call it Client.

now go to the server and type tlntadmn in RUN dialog box and click ok. A command window will open type 4 and press enter.Press 3 and press enter.type 7 and y and enter.type '0'(zero) and y and enter.type 0 (zero) & enter.Again 0 (zero) and then enter.

Now go to client and type telnet in run dialog box. In command box type
open  192.X.X.X(ip of the server)

if prompted supply the authentication infomation and you should be connected to the server.

hope this will help you.
Coincidentally, I just received this email newsletter:

Quote:"This is the first of a two-part series on implementing an asynchronous serial line terminal server using a Cisco 2511 with 16 fixed asynchronous serial ports or 26x0, 36x0 or 37x0 series modular routers using NM-16A or NM-32A. Cisco terminal servers are a popular alternative to Unix/Linux and Windows servers configured with multi-port serial cards for deploying out-of-band (OOB) access to routers and switches. They can also provide for PPP, SLIP and PPTP remote access or dial-out modem pools. This month's article will focus on theory, especially the need for and problems of implementing OOB access, basic RS-232 operation and function of null modems. In part two, we will focus on the practical -- implementing a Cisco router as a terminal server providing direct asynchronous access to Cisco routers, along with basic dial-in and dial-out services.  ..."

Router Expert: Implementing IOS async terminal services
Michael J. Martin
23 Mar 2004
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go to and download the solarwinds 2000 engineers toolkit its evaluation edition but will work for you for free, its about 80 mb in size, install it and it will surely help you.
How would solarwinds Engineer's toolkit help them in telnetting into a server and connecting to the comm port?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
I agree? solarwinds is one of the best peices of software I own, but unless everything has a web interface your back to square one??
you can manage any of the managable switch on the network through the solarwinds engineer toolkit.
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