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Networking a Laptop (Home) and a Desktop (Pro) Wirelessly

Fl4wless asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I am getting broadband shortly (yeah, i no im bhind) and I want to network my laptop to my Desktop wireless so I can get the net anywhere in the house with the laptop.

I no I need a Wireless PCI Card and a PCMIA ZYXPQADND watever Card for the Laptop...

Basically, can someone write me a brief tutorial on how to set up a wireless network and Internet Sharing on XP (Desktop = pro, Lap = Home)? And can someone give me some links to a PCI Card and PCMIA (watever) Card, preferably from the same manufacturer. And, here's the killer, for no more than £50 (-£60)?

Thanks in advance. I'll wait 5 days before accepting to get pointage to 50.
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cheers buddy! Looks simple enough.

I would go for a router, but a good router is like £100!

I have heard of an Ad Hoc Network before and assumed that was what I needed, so thanks for the link.

I'll try and find those bits on a UK Site now.


This is what you are looking for:



Thanks, but YohanShminge has answered my question. I am getting the two D-Links off ebuyer for £47 for both.

I'll accept when I have 50 points to give to make it worthwhile.


well, im getting 2 Netgear bits now instead of the D-link, cos I read loads of reviews of D-Links causing BSODs.
Good choice!  I've used Netgear and Linksys, but have not tried D-Link yet!  Thanks for the points!


no problem, just a quick query.

I heard that wireless networkin runs at 2.4ghz, which is the same as a cordless phone. I have a cordless phone nearby, will it affect my network?
It could, but you should be able to prevent interferance by setting different channels on the wireless network.


ok. thanks. Im sure I'll just post here again IF i get a problem.
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