Looking for Name & Address program to print in Daytimer format.


I'm looking for a name & address program that will print in Daytimer Sr. Pocket size  format.   In case you don't know what that format is  I'll explain.

It's in booklet format.  It prints on 8 ½ x 11 paper front and back with a border of 1 ½"  on each side and 2 ½"  on the top and bottom.  

I have tried using ClickBook  (which is a program that is supposed to re-format printer output from any program) but I can't get it to print correctly.

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Hi docfxit,

In Outlook you can print your Contacts and Calendar to this format easily.

Do this:

File>Print> make your style selection >Page Setup>scroll to Custom>on the right scroll to Daytimer Sr. Pocket.

Is this what you want?


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docfxitAuthor Commented:
Thanks Netman66,

That would be great if it wasn't a Microsoft program.  I stay away from Outlook like the pleage.  There are too many anomalies and of cource the target to lots of viruses.

I'm all ears for antoher suggestion.
docfxitAuthor Commented:
Some people may call it an Address Database or a PIM  (Personal Information Manager)
docfxitAuthor Commented:
I found Address Organizer Deluxe, v2.1 to keep track of my addresses at:


And I found BookPrint to print it out my addresses in Booklet form.  


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