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How to debug statement "IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr();"

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Last Modified: 2010-04-01
I just started to create a test page. I have this line that causes my page to bomb:

IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr();

I don't know where to start or how to debug this. I'm importing everything I need but I get a :

We're sorry, but the page you requested could not be found. (acts as if ipage doesn't exist)

I don't do a lot of java or JSP.  What steps should i take to  figure out what's wrong?

complete code

<%@ page import="java.sql.*,java.util.*,java.io.*,javax.servlet.*,javax.servlet.http.*,java.net.*,com.brocade.intralearn.*" %>
      String connString = "thunder";
      String userId=(String)request.getHeader("SM_USER");
      Hashtable params = new Hashtable();
      IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr();
      Connection con = mgr.getConnection(connString);
      Registered reg = mgr.profileExist(con, params, userId);

userId: <%=userID%>
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correction; userId: <%=userId%>
Do u mean this statment "IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr();" cause the error ? If you are using tomcat, u can simply check the tomcat's log file.

How if you remove / comment out the "IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr();", the page shown ?

show us the code for the IntraLearnLogOnMgr ?
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what app server r u using. I agree with ghost, but the .jsp file location can be anywhere inside your webapp except WEB-INF.

also, I would suggest to start from a simple jsp page with no code in

<%@ page import="com.brocade.intralearn.*" %>
this is xyz.jsp page

if you get this page loaded then add a line to see if it gives you any error:

<%@ page import="com.brocade.intralearn.*" %>
this is xyz.jsp page
<%     IntraLearnLogOnMgr mgr = new IntraLearnLogOnMgr(); %>
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