500pts: How to Create/Use a virtual subdomain

Would prefer to do this using ASP if it is possible, but have only seen a working exsample using PHP.

That is why I have posted in PHP area.

Question is here:
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TheKenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This page will show you how to:

      -Verifying that a virtual directory exists
      -Creating and deleting virtual directories
      -Setting and updating any of the properties on IIS
      -Invoking any of the IIS-specific methods

Site: http://www.15seconds.com/issue/010710.htm

Also of help might be the MSDN Scriptcenter:


Might look under "Create a Primary DNS Zone", among others.

More scripting help:


I also HIGHLY recommend the "Script Center Repository", a collection of examples of just about every imaginable ADSI script available (1.6mb):


TheKenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do this in the IIS admin MMC (or computer management I think) in administrative tools. Right click your site, choose "new virtual directory" (or new virtual folder), and go from there.

Or are you wanting to accompolish this with script?
m8rixAuthor Commented:
I would like to do it using script.

For those who could not be bothered to follow the other link, I would like to emulate this site:

basically, users can type in whatever subdomains they like and the page will process it.
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m8rixAuthor Commented:
thanks sforcier, but I don't understand your answer. I looked at the links you gave me, but I don't see anything I can use. perhaps a little pointer on where to look.
sforcierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For starters, this stuff can be difficult to understand and I admittedly have a tenative grasp on the subject (at best). That being said, I found a more direct example (not specifically what you need, but if used in conjunction with the references in my last suggestion, it should help):

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