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Convert VBA into User Defined Function (SQL Server 2000)

Tom Knowlton
Tom Knowlton asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
Please provide working source code for the following, such that I can call a User Defined Function and get the same results as the VBA functions:

VBA Function:

Function ForwardDays(intDays As Long, Optional datStartDate As Date) As Date
Dim X As Long
    If datStartDate = 0 Then
        datStartDate = Date
    End If
For X = 1 To intDays
datStartDate = NextWorkDay(datStartDate)
Next X
ForwardDays = datStartDate
End Function

Function NextWorkDay(Optional datDate As Date) As Date
    If datDate = 0 Then
        datDate = Date
    End If
    Select Case Weekday(datDate)
    Case 1 To 5
    NextWorkDay = datDate + 1
    Case 6
    NextWorkDay = datDate + 3
    Case 7
    NextWorkDay = datDate + 2
    End Select
End Function


User Defined Function equivalent:



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Tom KnowltonWeb developer


Sample call to Forward Days:


So it is 5 business days from today  (skip the weekend)
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Tom KnowltonWeb developer


Thank you both.

This is just part of a larger conversion I am doing from Access over to SQL Server.

I may just have the DBA write it.

But this helps.

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