Reading Win95 HDD with Windows XP

I have a lot of data files saved on the Fujitsu 3.5-GB HDD that was in my old Windows 95-based system, and which I presume is FAT32-formatted.  I need to access them with my HP notebook and Windows XP Home Edition.  Can I put the old drive in a USB or Firewire enclosure and access it directly?  Would I need any special software and/or drivers, if it is possible?

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This is easily done as you have suggested.
To see the disk you may need to do the below

highlight mycomputer
right mouse click
disk management

If it says there is a foriegn disk just import

You will then possibly need to assign a drive letter
highlight drive in top window, right mouse click choose drive letter option

here is a nifty enclosure from Belkin.... stick your hard drive in it.. and use the USB or Firewire of your computer to access it
If however it was formatte in FAT16 - XP cannot see it.

IIRC FAT16 is 95 native and FAT2 98.

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That is simply not true...  Most of your basic flppy disk is formatted using FAT16.  Here's an article just to prove a point:;en-us;307881

- Info
Dan_HackettAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys.  You gave precisely the information I needed.

err... I did IIRC it.  But admittedly I am totally wrong - I'm even more wrong because I had a 16 File System on my main PC.

Yep I definately said a wrong un there :-/

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