ambient temperature in server room

I need some facts to convince PHB to put A/C in the server room.

Anyone know any links (preferably by "reputable" (i.e. "sell overpriced stuff") companies) that talk about this?

discussion groups etc. won't be convincing.
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And speaking from personal experience...
I support 90+ servers across the globe...
We've had situations where the HVAC system crapped out in an office or two.
It doesn't take long for Insigt Manger to report an 'environmental condition' for which it must shut the server off....

You vastly extend the life of your equipment if you keep it within the specified guidelines for both temp and relative humidity...
sprinkmeierAuthor Commented:

unfortunatley, will likley be dismissed as "self serving scare mongering" (as have a few similar documents). In fairness, Liebert make these things so they're potentially biased.

I'm not saying that it's not right, just that it's no convincing (which is what I need).
sprinkmeierAuthor Commented:
(my comment was re: your first comment, haven't looked at the other yet).
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