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XP Send / Receive Error 0x800CCC0F Connection to Server Interrupted

Posted on 2004-03-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-04
i'm unable to send emails all of a sudden - it happened in the middle of sending out a newsletter

I can't make a connection to my ISP smtp server (pop3 is fine and all other internet access)
receiving the error Error 0x800CCC0F

I use Windows XP
and various programs to send emails including Outlook / G-Lock / EmailAutomation

i can ping the smtp server (but not telnet)

here's are the steps i've taken to try correct the problem :
uninstalling Norton Anti-Virus
uninstalling Zone Alarm Firewall
uninstalling IHateSpam (and disabling the proxy server)

(but with all of these uninstalled: same problem)

re-installing Windows XP (in case tcp/ip was corrupt)

contacting ISP who swear it's nothing to do with them and certainly i can send mail using their 'webmail' facility

reseting my DSL modem, unplugging etc etc

seems strange because it happened all of a sudden with no apparent changes in software etc..

I was using G-Lock to send the newsletter and it does rather spin out the emails quickly (but had disabled the outgoing email scanning on norton anti-virus)

I CAN connect to the stmp server by using a simple dialup connection

all help greatly appreciated
thanks very much

Question by:JulianTicehurst

Expert Comment

ID: 10655254
Do you have the resources to attempt to use a different computer ( PC or laptop ).

Given the list of things that you have tried, it sounds to be external to your PC itself.

It sounds like it is some sort of error with either the dsl modem or your isp has blocked you from sending large emails maybe. You said that it occured while send a newsletter, how many people were on the receive list?

If it is one of these two , then changing to a different PC behind the dsl modem should not change the effects.

When you said that you reset the modem, I assume that you meant a power cycle. This will not do a factory reset of the settings in the modem. You could try doing a factory reset and then re-setting up the modem and see if that has any effect.

Given the description, I would lean towards the ISP blocking you dsl IP from sending email. There may be some 'anti-spam' software that they are using. You could try talking to the ISP and asking if the are running any software which may have blocked your access to the smtp server - if you do this, then you should probably also explain that you were sending out a newletter with several receipients on it when the problem first occurred.

Hope this helps!

Author Comment

ID: 10655303
thanks for that

yes - i'll try on the laptop - using dsl

have already put it to ISP that they've blocked me - but they reckon no way

there were 2000 on the newsletter list - send it out every couple of days so this would have to be a new anti-spam thing


Author Comment

ID: 10655318
well - surprise - laptop with the DSL is as good as gold, no problem with smtp

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Expert Comment

ID: 10655336
You have reinstalled XP and still get the same issue?

That is strange! When you reinstalled, did you do a repair, or did you format the hard drive and install cleanly?

Author Comment

ID: 10655467
no didn't reformat hard drive - installed over top

maybe i'll need to do that..takes a while

Accepted Solution

Jman8R earned 1500 total points
ID: 10655521
It certainly is an option!

Not the best, I admit... But if even a re-install over the top produces the same result, you may not have too much of an option.

Make sure you backup all of your files!

Also, check ( through telent orsomething ) that you can contact/use the smtp server. Also regularly check during the install of your programs and restoring of your data that it still works. It may be that something that you installed after you re-installed xp last time is casuing this. So make sure that after every 1 or 2 programs that you install you verify that you can still use the smtp server.

Author Comment

ID: 10655788
thanks - will keep posted
good ideas to check as go

Expert Comment

ID: 10657199
check out this link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;813514

if this does not fix it for ya, try this command

telnet mail.server.net 25

replace mail.server.net with the ip or name of your smtp server.. if it makes a connection, then its not your stack.. I don't think its your stack, otherwise you would have other issues.

Author Comment

ID: 10673006
thanks ministry92 - but couldn't connect with the telnet on port 25

here's the weird thing - i've been struggling away - using the dialup to send and the DSL to receive for a couple of days. Too busy for the from-scratch reinstall (took me best part of 6 hours last time i did it)

and thismorning - for no obvious reason whatsoever - all's WELL again.
can connect to smpt on DSL

good lord - well sure i don't understand that.

will still do the reinstal when have some time..

thanks JMan8R for your help

Expert Comment

ID: 11241670
I know there is an accepted answer, but try this - I've been through all this and this is the only thing that actually worked. A lot of the other suggestions are really grasping at straws!!

Many ISPs require caller idee to be active. If your phone number is ex-directory, or withheld in someway, you get exactly this symptom.
To get round it you must enable clid when dialing into your ISP. In the UK you need the number 1470 in front of the no to your ISP. I don't know what it is in other countries but contact your phone company and they should be able to tell you.

Good luck!

Author Comment

ID: 11241686
thanks JohkneeB

what happened in the end was that kept on trying to get through to someone in ISP (it's one of these huge corporations) and finally found someone who said - 'oh yes - you're IP's tripped - the anti-spam countermeasures kicked in'
holy smokes - well convinced them i wasn't spammer ( I send out 2000 a day on a subscription service for my client) and they reset - but basically if i send out an undertimed number of emails too quickly or too many of them then it will trip again and they won't make an exception. I reckon it's around 50 a minute OR more than 1500 in a day. This is a business account too. It's outlandish.

Well - looking for a new broadband provider in vancouver bc (telus need not appy)

wish i know how to set up a proper email server too - maybe time to learn

thanks for your help though - that's great

Author Comment

ID: 11241687
So JMan8R - you were spot on !

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