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Hello guys,
 I am facing strange problem. Whenever I send meeting request to my manager, its not going in proper manner. As you know, whenever a meeting request is mailed, an accept button comes to recepient's outlook. I tried reinstalling office XP, but it didnt help me. Please help me! Thanks for your help!
Partha Bijjam
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millicent_lamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apart from not seeing the Accept button, can you see any other buttons such as Tentative, Decline etc?

If the answer is no, it means you may not be displaying the Standard Toolbars. On your Meeting Request, try clicking View > Toolbars > Standard and see what happen.

Have you tried a Detect And Repair?  It is on the Help menu.
Are you using the standard Meeting Request form, or a custom form which may be designed by your company?
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parthabijjamAuthor Commented:
I am using standard meeting request form, which comes under Actions menu
parthabijjamAuthor Commented:
I have tried detect and repair option too.
parthabijjamAuthor Commented:
I donno what happened, I just uninstalled office and installed with original settings, and everything worked fine. I am closing the question.
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