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internet not working - think subnet mask on dsl router wrong

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Last Modified: 2013-11-30
we have 32ips assigned with swbell w/ our dsl package and we subnetted it with on all our pc's, which made 2 networks

network A usable ips: -
network B usable ips: - and are t1 routers which connect our two offices/networks. is our netopia cayman dsl router in network A, which provides the internet for both networkA & B. is our win2k server, and it hosts our exchange server, dns server, everything.  the workstations are setup in office/network A as follows an example of 1 workstation:


our internet has died and i belive it is the cause of our dsl router

the dsl router ip which was updated from swbell is w/ subnet mask of

am i correct in that the subnet mask is wrong and should be on the dsl router?

please advise, and i will have it changed hopefully and see if this solves the problem.

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Hi unisold,
You shouldn't have the same IP on the dsl routers external and internal interface. (.202) They must differ since they are on different networks. The subnet .248 from your ISP is for the external interface and that's no problem.



once i get remote administratio enabled somehow i'll check, but i think the is the internal interface, and the external interface has some other IP which is like the WAN ip or something.

if what i just said is the case, then it would need .240 right?

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ok, ya the more my memory visualizes how the remote administration appeared, the more i remember LAN ip = w/ it needing .240, and the WAN ip was some 60.60.60.x something with a different subnet mask.

i'll let you know what we find out, thanks for the support

You havn't describe any way for anything to connect DSL to LAN B at all.

The .248 net mask, though, does break the ability of the DSL router to talk to the T1 at .200, which I assume is the breakage you're experiencing.

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