More than one image in listview control

Hello Everyone,

I need to use a list control that can display two images in each row, along with text. The images need to be in separate columns. The UI will be kind of like Microsoft Outlook, where in the message list they show the mail icon and clip icon in the same row.

I looked up listview control in .NET and found that they only allow one image per row. Is there any way to go about it without using third party controls. I want to use controls provided with Visual Studio .NET only.
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AdrianJMartinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok use a Datagrid then this article shows how to set up a datagridcolumstyle that displays images
Use one picture that looks like 2 pictures.
saj1Author Commented:
Thats a neat trick. :)

BUT i can't use that. There will be too many combinations. Also, the images have to be in different columns.
saj1Author Commented:
Thanks. I tried it out. This will do nicely.
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