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about running program in the background after log off

shy513 asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
I want to know is there any method can let me run a program after I log off windows 2000? That means I start to run a program, say bittorrent, then I log off, but I still want this program to keep running in the background. Is it possible for Windows 2000? I know we can do it on Unix. Thanks
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thx for answering. I can run a service whenever I log on or off now. However, the program itself is running but doing nothing...that means,say again, the bittorrent program is running when I check the task manager, but it does nothing, for example download, upload file, etc.
Because I want to use this feature to run a auto-update for virus definition when I leave the office, I do need it is actual running but not just eating up my memory. Thanks again

I'm not too sure about this....the program *is* running...it's just running as a background service rather than a foreground application. How is an auto-update triggered for this program? Is it scheduled, or does it require human interaction? Obviously if you need to click a button to do an update, then that's not possible.

if you need to do something like this, you could try automating the keystrokes using a tool like Auto-It...then you could schedule the Auto-It script to run using 'at'.



the auto update program doesnt need any human interaction. It is a batch file. After running this file, it will download the definition from symantec itself. What I want is to run it when I leave office, but my company's policy doesnt let me lock my computer when I am not in the office. Any idea I can actually run the program? Because I used bittorrent as a testing, the bittorrent.exe is running, but no download is actually occurred. Thanks

you could schedule the batch file to run at night.

try this from command line:

at  3:00AM /EVERY:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday "c:\batchfile.bat"

this doesn't require a user to be logged in...it runs as the localsystem account


where to put this command line? in the registry? or in the command prompt?


I find that this command line is similar to the windows schedule. Any different bewteen them? since the task in windows' schedule doesn't work if I log off the computer


I figure it out how to do to meet my requirement. But I really like your link to User-Defined Service. Thanks alot

it is similar...at has been around longer, and it's what I'm more familar with...they both rely on the 'task scheduler' service to be running...but it definitely can work when a user is logged off (I use this command for lots of things here....)

ok, glad it's working for you!
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