PHP/MySQL Calendaring Application


Anyone know of a good PHP/MySQL web-based calendaring application?
Willing to spend money, just looking for something solid and reliable.

Links to things will do just fine.
Thanks, Ben.

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drew22Connect With a Mentor Commented:

check out:


A while back I checked  webcalendar ( ) , full-featured group calendar, but it really didn't have any template system--html was embedded all over the application.  
 I wanted a group calendar app with 100% template controlled pages -- no themes, blocks or whatever -- so I developed my own.  Each calendar view has its own full page template separate from the script that calls it.

ancient demo:

login  as any user:
    username:  first initial + lastname
    password: secret

(ex. Leo Davidson: username: ldavidson  password: secret)

view different user calendars by selecting name from pull-down menu

There's no design or theme to the calendar views because you create your own.  Click on the "show template links" to view actual full-page html templates.   I applied the Clearsilver template concept to php. what else... supports multiple, independent group calendars, each with its own MySQL database

are you looking for something basic or more of a group calendar type thing with repeating events, public/private events, combined views etc,
If you're willing to buy ... this is free for personal use:


That one is very good ... :)

Check it out ... If it doesn't meet your requirements let us know ... ;)


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Drift3rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry ... forgot to mention ... free for personal use but you'll have to pay for corporate use ...
Either way ... It's already in version 5.2 ...
bcopsAuthor Commented:
Hi Drift3r,
Many thanks for those links, that does look good.

Hello drew22,
To answer your question - I am after something that is "more of a group calendar type thing with repeating events, public/private events, combined views etc,". I am absolutely after something like that.

Thanks, Ben.
bcopsAuthor Commented:
In the end I've gone for:

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