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PHP Mail Script will send to MY domain but NEVER outside

Defcon5 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Purchased a Clickbank script some time back and it installed great.  When an affiliate signs up or a customer purchases a product they will get some type of e-mail via this script.  Either telling the affiliate they made a sale, welcome to the program or giving the customer download instructions.

Recently, all e-mail from this script quit working EXCEPT if the address being sent to was @freedomfly.net (MY domain).

I contacted my host and they responded with:

The problem is that you're sending mail out from mrcd@stkitts.globat.com. The script
has to be written properly.  If you want to send mail out from globat's servers, you
have to use your globat account *@freedomfly.net.

I contacted the developer and he responded with:

The code for the mail function is a simple one, it uses the
standard php "mail()" function.  The email headers are
determined by how the server and php is setup.

I think you need to ask them this question -
can you use the php  mail() function  OR do you need
to use the SMTP function to send mail.

These are the only 2 ways to send email. If they say
SMTP function, then I'll need you to do the following.

1) create a new mailbox (not a forwarder) and give
   me the username/password for that mailbox

2) I'll modify eCM's code to use it. It should work, unless
it requires your master/main mailbox details.

I've got a php.ini file on my domain.  And when I connect to this page:


I can see all kinds of variables.  I think the php.ini file that is in my domain will allow me to control some.. like the mail account I send from.  Which is setup with a valid address, but does nothing to resolve my problem.

CGI scripts work just fine.  

My main question is:

Why doesn't the php.ini file make a difference?  How can I send mail using this script's simple php function?  Since the developer made the script so simple, I'm thinking he did not include this FROM function.

Can that simply be added?

If you need access to the scripts in question, I can provide a zipped file.

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PHP on my host is compiled as CGI.  I have no idea why, but it's the answer they gave me.
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Here's why..

As long as mrcd@stkitts.globat.com is included in our spamlist, your form will not work.

They are blocking the e-mail that it defaults to.. it either comes from a valid domain (@freedomfly.net) or it's crap.

Nice.. my own host in an effort to be 'pro-active' is blocking my own default generated message.

Even thought it comes from the e-mail address that is set in the control panel, I guess it's not really.

My CGI newsletter script allows a from field but it might declare it better.

I'm not able to convince them to complile in Apache.  And there is little hope they will use a PHPMailer.

Can I get the developer of the script to use SMTP somehow?

I can make a mailbox on my domain.. and maybe the script can use authenticated SMTP to send mail rather then simple PHP.


No luck. I've uploaded 2 files - "smtpmail.php" and "pinfo.php"
Please edit those 2 files to play around with the settings.

1) smtpmail.php (this provides the function to send email via SMTP.  I've define the following in this file.

define("MAIL_SERVER","mail.freedomfly.net");      // Put Your mail
server name here
define("MY_SITE","freedomfly.net");            // Put Your site name here
define("MAIL_BOX","something");                   // Put the valid
mailbox from the above domain
define("MAIL_PSW","testpassword");        // Put the password for
the above mailbox

2)  File: "pinfo.php"
Then, browse this page - www.freedomfly.net/pinfo.php It *should* send you an email telling you which mail function work.

So when I go to that URL.. nada.. just get the basic config for my php on my domain.

I asked the host for a sample PHP mail script that works.. they directed me to hotscripts.com

PHPMailer is a PHP class that you can use in your scripts, it's not dependent on your ISP, and they don't have to install anything. If you can use PHP, you can use PHPMailer. It can do sendmail, qmail and direct SMTP sending, with and without authentication, and you can easily set from, reply-to and return-path headers on the fly. Obviously you will need changes in your sending script to use it. PHPMailer is most likely better than anything on hotscripts.

Have you tried doing a manual SMTP session? See what exactly their mail server is doing to your requests and why they're not going through. Try working through one of these guides (ignore the windowsisms) substituting your own parameters:


The pinfo.php page just dumps the usual output from phpinfo(), no mention of sending email.
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Seems like I'm already declaring the FROM field in the php file that I'm using.

$host = getenv("HTTP_HOST");

// -----------------------------------
// Testing Simple php mail() function
// -----------------------------------
mail("adrian@easybiztools.com","Mail fr $host","test 456","From: mrcd@freedomfly.net");

// -----------------------------------
// Testing SMTP mail() function
// -----------------------------------

smtpmail("adrian@easybiztools.com","SMTP Mail fr $host","test 456","mrcd@freedomfly.net");

and this test script doesn't work ? the simple "mail()" function ?
it should, even with your host strict regulations ...
Maybe you should ask them why it doesn't, as long as your are sending from your own domain ...



I opened a ticket.. asked my host to simply give me a sample PHP script that will send from my domain.

They replied with "we will have to escalate this to the admin"

Duh!  Because I'm starting to think that any PHP mail will not work because they configured it wrong.

Glad to know somebody else thinks the same as me.  Some great suggestions in this thread!
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