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OS X server showing up in network neighborhood as (localhost)

bl4ckhole asked
Last Modified: 2010-03-17
Ok another MAC question keep in mind im a PC person but anyway. In our graphics dept we have 3 G4's and 3 g5's in a peer to peer network in workgroup and they just upgraded to pather but that isnt my question. My question is why would the OS X Server show up at OS X Server (Localhost) in the ACBA workgroup. The only way to get to it via windows machines is to find computer and type the ip address in otherwise windows machines would not be able to get to the OS X Server. Keep in mind its running OS X Server 10.1.4 and was named OS X Server about at year and half ago.

Thanks in advance
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Sound like two questions. Which one is the issue? Why the OS X Server is showing up in the workgroup, or why the windows machines cant get to it without typing the IP? Where is the OS X server showing up in the workgroup? On the other Macs or on the windows machines?


Well the the OS X Server is showing up in the ACBA workgroup where it should be but my question is why is it called OS X Server (Localhost) and yes why cant windows machines get into it without typing the ip. The OS X Server (Localhost) shows up in the acba workgroup but when you click on it it says not accessable. THis only shows up on the windows machines.


I mean we are having so many problems now since we upgraded the clients to panther and the os x server still only being 10.1.4 with permissions not staying but they can still connect to it but it seems like the server looses permissions everytime someone makes a new folder on the old os x's we didnt have this problem at all. Do you also think that the server should be upgraded to panther?
Oh and btw weed we ran that cocktail still isnt showing the pcs in the workgroup but you can connect to them via smb://hostname/sharename so they just make keychains now

It certainly wouldnt hurt to update the server to Panther. They released a new version for a reason. The old one wasnt perfect. I'm not sure why it's called Localhost but it shouldnt matter. It's just a name. Switching to Panther should fix that as its windows support is far better.
Are you running DNS server that you entered the name of the OSX server in?  

I don't think the not being able to login from network neighbohood is related to the Localhost in the name.  What is the username and password you are using to login to Windows with?  Is it a valid account on the OSX server?  

Also, do you have any sharepoints sharing SMB?


Our DNS server is running on a 2003 machine but the dns ip address is set on the server. We are using an administrator account and it is on teh osx server.

What do you mean by sharepoints sharing smb. Is that something you download or already on the server
On the OSX server, in Workgroup Manager, under sharing, there is a tab called Protocols.  On this tab there is a drop down menu that has Windows File Settings.  This is where you define if you want to share the folder using SMB.  Let me know if you can't find it.


Are you sure that is in os 10.1.4? As far as workgroup manger goes. I could not find that, i found sharing in the network panel.
Sorry missed that it was 10.1.  IT has been so long since I logged into 10.1, I cannot remember where the sharing is at.  The sharing you are referring to is not for the server, but rather the built in file sharing for OSX.  If I remember right, sharing was in server admin.  Try looking there for something about SMB sharing.
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Wow thanks a lot man. I started here when the server was already set up 6 months before. So I guess there is no going back now just foward. We are going to upgrade to Pather Server but thanks for letting me know that you cant just do an upgrade to 10.3 it has to be a clean install right. We do do backups everyday on the server and will sure do one when the day comes to go to pather server. Probably sometime in July when the new budget goes through. Oh and by the way the clients do not connect to the server via admin they each have a user account on the server. But ya the clients right now are panther and they are making money in the budget for the server. So im going to give you the points since i cant really do anything with the server right now because it locks up when i go to server admin probably cause the initial setup wasnt done right. But im going to print this out for later since im sure i will need it.

Thanks again


Sorry about the typos. I should of proof read lol
Server Admin is locking up ? That's hardly encouraging ! Did you reboot the server ? That should be a last-step only of course.

Go to Applications/Utilities and launch the Console application. It /should/ open up the last log written to, in this case - perhaps - the system.log , showing you what error happened.

If you can reboot the server or need to, you should run fsck (somewhat akin to chkdsk)

to boot the unit into single-user mode, hold down the Apple (just left of the space-bar) and the "s" key at the same time, as soon as you hear the boot-chime.

Then follow these directions (for 10.2, but still applies !): Go to the bottom of the page, and start with "How to Use fsck From the Command Line"

NOTE ! If you see errors that do not get repaired, or you have to run fsck more than 3 or 4 times before you see no errors, then don't keep running it... you need to use Disk Warrior 2.1 (or 3), don't touch that drive with Norton please.

Other big caveats when moving to 10.3 server: do you have a SCSI card for your backup drive ? An ATTO card will need a firmware update and driver update, but should do fine. Adaptec is iffy, guessing at the age of this machine, you might need to get a newer SCSI card to be sure it will work with 10.3 (and get an ATTO, I'm a bit dismayed with Adaptec's lacklustre support for their older cards).

You'll also need & want to upgrade to Retrospect 6 if you're using Retrospect, in order for it to be fully compatible with Server 10.3.

Budget concerns but ones that need to be dealt with if you want a happy transition
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