Multiple nested quotes

How do I do multiple nested quotes (3)?  The situation is a function that sets the innerHTML of a <TD> to contain a link that references another function, with parameters. I tried alternating  quotes like you do when you only have one set of quotes nested inside another, but that didn't work for the additional set of quotes.
html = 'Demonstration Project (Demo1)<td><a href = "javascript:ShowBugs (102507,'Demonstration+Project+(Demo1)',0,2)">Current Bugs</a>';

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BustaroomsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your example you need to escape the single quotes with a slash

html = 'Demonstration Project (Demo1)<td><a href = "javascript:ShowBugs (102507,\'Demonstration+Project+(Demo1)\',0,2)">Current Bugs</a>';
drr37Author Commented:
ok, thanks, it worked
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