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Validating certain hyperlinks causes FrontPage to have to close.

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
I have a number of hyperlinks in my website at www.bluebirdnut.com to an ezboard message board (http://pub177.ezboard.com/bbluebirdnutcafe)  which I created to go along with the website.

The links seem to work just fine, but the problem is when I try to validate my hyperlinks from Front Page, whenever it gets to one of the links to the ezboard, it causes an error message to come up saying "Front Page has encountered a problem and needs to shut down."

The message board is not a "membership by application" forum, it is public, and anyone can see it. So why won't Front Page validate the links to it?
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Have you made sure that FP is up to date with all the patches / updates as well as your OS?

Or try this:
1) Delete all FrontPage and Windows temp files
2) In Windows Explorer Find and delete all hidden *.web files
3)  In Windows Explorer Find and delete the file CMDUI.PRF (deleting this file will remove any customizations you have made with your toolbar..and it will be rebuilt using the default the next time you open FrontPage)
4) Disable or Uninstall any FP Addins (especially any recently added ones)



Ok, I did all of steps 1-4. No difference.

I have a question about downloading the updates for Frontpage.

I have Microsoft Office 2000 without FrontPage. I have Frontpage 2002 as a separate program. When I scan for updates at Microsoft, what I get is the Office XP SP3, which includes updates for Frontpage 2002, but also for other Office XP programs, which I don't have. Will downloading the SP3 for Office XP harm my Office 2000 setup? I don't see any option to download FP 2002 updates separately.
Well mixing two different versions might not be that good.  When you installed updates for MS Office 2000, they might contradict some of the programs that FP 2002 uses.



I forgot I still had this question open .....

Then are you saying that the inability to validate certain hyperlinks in FP 2002 might be CAUSED by some of the Office 2000 updates?
Yes.  I know when I had Office 2002 & Visio 2000 - I updated Visio & some of the Office programs did not work.  I ended up having to uninstall the Office 2000 programs & re-installing 2002.

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Not really. The problem is not solved -- I can't uninstall FP 2002, and I can't afford to upgrade to Office XP, so I guess I'm stuck with the problem. But I'll give you your points anyway for all your input. [:-)

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