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Game video cards...

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Last Modified: 2013-11-12
Hi Experts,

i'm looking for a game video card... and i'll probably buy the Radeon 9600 XT....
But, which is the best... ATI? Asus? Saphire? etc...

I looked the specs of each of them... and I can't make my choice....

I still think experience is better...
So, if you have any suggestions, it'll be appreciate.


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I have a Hercules 9800Pro, very very good, so  i assume the 9600XT (if they make one) by Hercules would be good.

Otherwise, I have to say, go for Hightec. I have used 4 of these in PCs so far. On standard stock cooling I can achieve 10-15% performance increase max for the client with no visual artefacts, etc.

Also, they are cheaper than Sapphires I think.

Heres the two versions i use:

128mb Version-

256mb Version-

256mb is only £2-5 more, so go for that, its a bargain!

Sorry, Hercules are shutting down arnt they? lol! Go with the Hightecs, I have "experience" with em and they are very good cards and dont cost a bomb either.
If you find a 9600XT made by BFG, they sell overclocked versions of regular cards, usually with more memory and better cooling.  I bought their 256 MB GForce FX 5200 Asylum, and haven't had any complaints so far.

or you could just mod the cards yourself, get a nice heatsink and fan like a Zalman Heatpipe, attach it and you have a nice cool card... if your an overclocker anyway.

>usually with more memory

Cards cant be upgraded memory wise can they?! They are just the original cards modded for higher prices. Easier and cheaper to mod em yourself and get better results cos you can use some high quality compound.

Buy original ATI if you can. If not than buy sapphire (it is also built by ATI). Original ATI cards have great stability, great overclocking potencial, great performance.... and I never heard of any problem related to an original built by ATI  card.

I have the Asus 9800XT no complants. Why I went with the Asus was that it has VIVO (video in video out) as dose the 9600XT lots of extra software also. The cost is a bit more.

I like a very overlooked builder, Gigabyte who has been around a long time and makes pretty good products with solid warranty service. I have had a 9200 for about six months and have gotten two driver updates that went without a hitch. They have always produced a good retail package. The card youi are looking at is featured on their site. http://www.gigabyte.com/   I have built many systems over the years with their components and never had an RMA!!!!!

Yeah, Asus are another one to use. Slightly more expensive, but their cards look cool if you have a clear panel.

Gigabyte, dont touch imho. They are good for motherboards, but I've had bad experiences with them. Get either Hightec or Asus 9600XT.


Hi Da-Bu,

where did you get this information: Sapphire is also built by ATI???

and what about POWERCOLOR or CreativeLabs... ?

thks for all.

ATI Radeon...  There are so many models, you should be able to find a really good fairly new card for a decent price.

I've always had driver compatibility issues with the Geforce stuff.

Powercolor and creative labs I have no experience on.

You asked for oppinions on cards that we have used, and Hightecs and Asus cards are the best of what I've used.

All manufacturers are based on ATI Chipsets, just improved in some areas or lessened for budget versions. The cards are usually mostly the same just with a different PCB Board colour and Heatsink and Fan.
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All of your comments ans suggestions was excellent...
I have been leaning towards ATI since the beginning and have finally decided to go with that.
thks for all


that's good to hear.  ati is currently the reigning champ when it comes to raw framerate producing power no matter where you look.  welcome to the family

(9500pro and proud of it)

Hercules is better... :D
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