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cfupdate and sql update


cfupdate is working fine with MS ACCESS but when I changed my database to SQL SERVER 2000 for some reason its not working. Is there any way to update the database with cfupdate?
I tried <cfupdate datasource="datasourcename" tablename="tablename" formfields="field1,primarykey"> and working in SQL SERVER 2000 but when I add more form fields its not working.

I tried typical update sql command too but one of my formfield is depend upon the cfif statement like:
<cfif #CourseType# CONTAINS "student" AND #courseName# IS "Onsite">
<cfset form.courseRate="80">

with this kind of loops cfupdate is working fine but when i use
<cfquery name="update" datasource="databasename">
Update tablename
Set coursetype='#form.coursetype#',
WHERE id='#ID#'</cfquery>

and its working fine but courserate is not updating in the database. Any help????????

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I think the problem is that id is most likely a numeric field and you have it in single quotes.

<cfquery name="update" datasource="databasename">
Update tablename
Set coursetype='#form.coursetype#',
WHERE id=#ID#</cfquery>

but what if I have 7 courses and 3 registration types = 21 loops. I can't write 21 times is there any way to write it in one loop?

You can use
CFSWITCH/CFCASE or CFIF/CFELSE to drill down all the possibile combinations of course rates and set a page variable (Not a form variable) for instance "VARIABLES.COURSERATE"  Then insert that into your database.
Basic Example:

<CFSET variables.courseRate = 0>
<cfif CourseType CONTAINS "student" AND courseName IS "Onsite">
   <CFSET variables.courseRate = 80>
<cfelseif LISTFIND("accounting,math,science",CourseName)>
   <CFSET variables.courseRate = 60>

<cfquery name="update" datasource="databasename">
   Update tablename
   Set coursetype='#form.coursetype#',
  <CFIF VAL(variables.courseRate)>
   ,courseRate = #variables.courseRate#
   WHERE id='#ID#'
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you are really great........its just working perfect.

Could you please answer one more last question? after i submit the above form, i have a payment form field and its data type is money in sql server 2000. But for some reason its giving me an error The value "" cannot be converted to a number. Actually, i already posted this question.