crystal reports 9 profesional edition in VB 6

i just want to ask something. first, i want to know if i can use crystal reports professional edition in VB 6.  i'm using vb 6 as programming language and i would like to use crystal report for reporting but the only crystal reports i have is professional edition. i can already view the report but im having a little problem. i cant refresh the data in runtime. can anybody help me with this one? can anyone give me the basic code on? please...
thanks in advance to anyone that can help me. God bless!
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u can, vb 6 with crystal reports professional ed.
to refresh the data in the report there a solution that u should follow same connection for all the forms of data entry in ur project so that u can refresh it all at once so crystal reports display will also b refreshed.
For that u can disconnect the connection object and again set it up.
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