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Percentages of Reliablity

VS_Learner asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-11
Does anybody have/know where can i find a list consisting of reliability percentages of some comon networks....( LAN+WAN)
like..so and so network is 99% reliable..another one....80%...etc..!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!
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Top Expert 2004

I don't think there is such a list.  What do you mean so and so network?  Like Sprint's Network is x%, AT&T's Network is x%, etc?

Reliability is usually measured in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of hardware.  Network Reliability depends on design, hardware redundancy, quality of the hardware used, and when the fit hits the shan the level of support from the vendor.


I am developing an application which needs to know the percentage of reliability of a network its running in ...
So is there any way to estimate the reliability say based on MTBF. ...


Top Expert 2004

No.  "Reliability" depends on the factors I mentioned above.  Each network is unique.


So u say that there is no way that i could find a list of reliability percentages...!!!

Top Expert 2004

Joe has a network.  

He has a switch connected to a firewall connected to a router connected to an Internet provider.  He lives in a place where there's frequent brownouts in summer.  How reliable is it?  It depends.  If Joe has Bubbah's gear he bought off of ebay which hasn't had a code upgrade in 10 years and going off of original power supplies and fans, connected to a SOHO router connected to Bubbah's Bait, Tackle, and Cable then I wouldn't say it's very reliable.

Now say Joe has a Cisco Catalyst 6500 with redundant CPU's, power supplies and dual connected to two redundant Pix Firewalls.  They are in turn connected to two Routers running BGP from two different Internet Providers - one is feeding a DS3 and one is a 10Mb Ethernet feed.  Everything is on a UPS which is backed up by a generator.  Joe is fortunate enough to work in a place which allows regular maintenance and he even has a test lab to test out new code before it's implemented in production.    How reliable is it now?  Pretty reliable I would say.

What if you change any one part of a network?  It would affect the entire network's "reliability".

So, how could there ever be a list of how reliable networks are - it depends on a lot of factors.
Top Expert 2004

If it helps you any - I would say that 99% is not very reliable.  I would say that 99.999% is very reliable.  But if you're talking about Bubbah's network at home, then 99% would be pretty reliable right?  On the other hand, if we're talking about NORAD, or the local nuclear power plant, I would want their network around 99.999%

It depends.


What i mean is ...
I need some packet loss ratio.....of some of the standard networks...
like m in n packets get lost....(i am using UDP so no guarantee delivery ) for a network..such that reliabliity ratio is (n-m)/n ....
Is there any list of it????

Top Expert 2004
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