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MAPI to IMAP migration is it possible or not

illtbagu asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
MAPI to IMAP migration is it possible or not?
Has anyone actually done a migration from exchange 5.5 to UW-IMAP running on linux?
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Thanks much jlevie

It sounds like you posted 2 different solutions here am I right? The first solution being mailutil and the other simply any MUA that suppots both MAPI and IMAP that can be configured to connect to both the exchange server and the linux server and used to copy messages back and forth between the two servers?

Note that it is also possible to allow users to configure their Outlook client with an IMAP account in addition to the exchange account and allowing each user to move their mail to the IMAP server.
Are you kidding the users here are way to lazy. This would be a task way to complicated for them. They would throw a fit. Do you want to trade users :)

I have read before where people were doing exactly what you said to migrate existing mail. Basically the MUA is the conversion tool. It would be nice to hear from someone who has actually done this before and express any problems they might have had. This is my main worry now.

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Yes, that's two different ways to accomplish the migration. Which to use depends on how many users you have, how knowlegable they are, and whether the environment allows futzing with the account passwords.

To do the move on behalf of the users with mailutil you must be able to login to each email account on both servers. This obviously means that you have to have the password for each account on both servers. With exchange the complication can be that the exchange server is a member of and authenticates to an NT or A/D domain. Thus you can't just set all the exchange passwords to a known value without breaking the windows domain login and there's no way to do a temporary password change and then restore the current password. Hence the suggestion to issue a new (known) password to everyone, move the email, and then allow users to reset their password.

I don't remember whether I've done this from exchange, but I have used mailutil to transfer mail from just about every other mailserver (qpopper, UW-IMAP, Courier, etc.) to Cyrus so I'd think it should work with exchange also, providing you have the IMAP connector installed on exchange.


One last question. Looking at the exchange server it says that it has imap4 protocal enabled for every email account. Is this what you mean by "That means that exchange must have the IMAP connector installed". Or is there something else? I tried to use both outlook express and and Thunderbird with no luck. I noticed with a nmap scan that imap ports are open.
143/tcp    open        imap2                  
993/tcp    open        imaps

My next step is to see if outlook not outlook express can connect to a imap server. I have never done this with outlook before.

Thanks for all your help.
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Yes, that's what I mean by "having the IMAP connector installed". I seem to remember something funky about what you have to specify as the login name for IMAP on exchange. And that is that it has to be in UNC form.


Thanks for all of your help jlevie. If I cant get any of the MUA's I am using to logon to the IMAP server I will just post another question maybe someone knows the answer.
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I just tried one of our exchange servers and I had to use domain\domain_login_id\exchange_alias. If your Exchange alias is the same as your Windows login id, you may be able to use just the Exchange alias for the username.
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