saving the file in rtf format

I have copied the file using streams as rtf format.the alignment between the words in the file is perfect when it  is opened with Winword. but the same file opened with word pad,entire alignmenet changes. According to my program the spacing between words is so important. How it can be overcome.?
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sudhakar_koundinyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi kousis,

for your understanding of rtf files, i just wanted to explain some points.

1. RTF files are file that created using Rich Text Formats
2. The same format can be implemented in any Microsoft based applications
3. RTF formats are just to enhance the text properties some thing like seting it to bold, changing font and it's size and so on.
4. Withe help of formats any other application can be written with more enhanced properties.
for example if you see ms word , full justify option is there, but write or word pad will not support this option.

so the look is some thing different.

4. MS word formats are based on ole concept using RTF formats.
5. If you see older versions of word  you can see the same problem what you are seeing with wordpad application
6. Always assume that Wordpad has its own limitations, It is used to see the text with corresponding text properties.
7. Any any advanced windows text editors(ms office)  are based on RTF concepts only. It is just a mother of other formats.

Hope you understand the problem of wordpad with the MS office
There is nothing to do with the Java Streams.

WordPad doesnot support all the formats of Win Word.
You can save your file as different format using win word.  That is the only solution.

zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Hi kousis,

How about your previous question? Any input?
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kousisAuthor Commented:
hi zzynx
mayankeagle answer is perfect for previous question
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
>> mayankeagle answer is perfect for previous question
OK. Then, why don't you accept it?
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Kindly close that question. Either accept an answer or split points.
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
There are several sub-standards of the RTF. The ones made with MS Word will not be readable directly by Java code. But otherwise, you should be able to read an RTF using readers. Anyway, from your other questions, I know that you were just having plain-text in a file with extension .rtf.

BTW, how about any feedback on this question? Is the problem solved? Maybe the case in this one was: word-wrapping? Perhaps you were trying to put new-lines into the file but they were not getting inserted at the correct place and due to word-wrapping in Wordpad, you were getting a different output.
points to sudhakar_koundinya
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Sounds ok to me.
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