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Hi I am using Crystal reports 9 for generating graphs. The problem i facing is i want to disply the X axis labels vertically since it is overlapping one another. I tried for the differents options but couldn't find one.

Experts please help!!!!!!!

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stasauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I was thinking of Crystal 9.  I do not believe you can do what you want to do in the Visual Studio version.
While in the Design tab in Crystal, click on the X-Axis label.  The label should be highlighted by little black boxes not just the whole chart.  
Right Click and select Chart Options then select Selected Item...
There is a drop down labelled Rotation, change this value to 90.
pramodnairAuthor Commented:

I am using visual studio dotnet and crystal reports directly. So please tell me which screen should i go

Go to the screen where you design the Crystal Report in visual studio.  From there you should be able to select the graph label and proceed as I said above.
pramodnairAuthor Commented:

You cann't do that in visual studio. When you click on the chart design screen the whole stuff is selected. You cann't just select the x axis lable alone

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