WIN2k Client to Client over PPTP VPN


I have recently set up a Windows 2000 Server and ADSL router as a VPN using PPTP.

I can connect WIN2k clients to the VPN successfully.

Is there such a way that one client can connect to another client via the VPN.


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hhp001Connect With a Mentor Commented:

I don't know what you mean by connect the clients together via the VPN.  Do you want Computer A at location 1 to be able to talk to Computer B at location 2 through the VPN after they have connected to the ADSL router?  If this is the case then use the IP addresses assigned to the computers by the VPN server.

I assume your ADSL router has a VPN server built in? What make is it? (Draytek?)  or is your 2000 Server a RRAS server?

i think it doesn´t work, but you could use openvpn to solve your problem:
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