Advanced printer driver options

I need to print a A5 booklet 148.5mm by 210mm

because this book is stapled in the middle the printing order is as follows.

on the front
pages 28 and 1 print on paper 1
pages 26 and 3 print on paper 2
pages 24 and 5 print on paper 3
pages 22 and 7 print on paper 4
pages 20 and 9 print on paper 5
pages 18 and 11 print on paper 6
pages 16 and 13 print on paper 7

on the back
pages 14 and 15 print on paper 7
pages 12 and 17 print on paper 6
pages 10 and 19 print on paper 5
pages 8 and 21 print on paper 4
pages 6 and 23 print on paper 3
pages 4 and 25 print on paper 2
pages 2 and 27 print on paper 1

I am using windows 2000 with a HP2000c printer printing from Adobe PDF.

Is there a driver / utility that will "hook" into the print que and automate this?
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Any DTP package will allow pagination like this.
MS Publisher
Serif Pageplus
Adobe Pagemaker
Sun Staroffice

will all do this, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Openoffice1.1 is a free download from http://, and will load microsoft office files
if you only have PDF as a source, you may need to use adobe pagemaker..

Or, if you are willing, you could download a TEX  package,  MikTex is a windows one.
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stef4sAuthor Commented:

which tools allow me to do this to pdf files?

stef4sAuthor Commented:
I downloaded 60 Mb of Pagemaker 56k modem only to find out it can't open pdf files!
The full package of pagemaker comes with acrobat distiller.
Acrobat (full version, not reader) allows editing of PDF files.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
acrobat distiller? what does that allow me to do?
Acrobat distiller converts variaus file formats to .pdf
Acrobat (full version, not the reader) allows you to edit and reformat  PDFs
stef4sAuthor Commented:
I have checked out Adobe Acrobat. It only allows me to manually change the order of pages. This is far to labour intensive.

Is there an updated driver for the HP2000c printer that will allow me to print booklets.

Please remember that my source is PDF.
stef4sAuthor Commented:
here is the solution for Adobe Acrobat

//Open a 1 page pdf file
//change the variable Total amount of pages (Multiples of 4 i.e. 4,8,12,16,...)
//change the SrcFile variable to the path of the pdf.
//      Note: "c:\pathtopdf\thepdf.pdf" should be "/c/pathtopdf/thepdf.pdf"
//In adobe open the Javascript console
//paste this script in
//select this script and hit ctrl-Enter

var Total = 36;
var SrcFile = "/c/adobeSRC/Final_changed_Studyguide a5 - 5.pdf";
for(var i=1;i<Total;i+=2){
    console.println(Total + 1 - i)  
    var lhs = Total + 1 - i;
    var rhs = i;


//end of script
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