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Best library for POP3, MAPI, MIME and SMTP in C# environment

I want to buy a library do Pop3, MAPI and SMTP programming. If it's open source, thats fine too. I would like for it to support MIME attachments and all the other things normally required for the communications module for an email client. Basically, what I want is something that supports all of the protocols that might be used within an email client program. I know this might be asking a lot, but email has been around for a long time, it seems that there ought to be something good out there by now.

I would prefer something that already has a C# interface, and if it were managed code, all the better. However, if there is a really top notch C++ library (with source even better) that has a C# wrapper that might also work. If there is just a SUPER C++ library without a C# wrapper, I wouldn't mind knowing about it, but wrapping it in C# and dealing with the unmanaged code part of things is a pain, so it would have to be enough better to justify the time and expense of wrapping things up.

I would appreciate anyone with experience with this library commenting on how good/bad it is.

Any other libraries out there?
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kellycoinguyAuthor Commented:
Oh, I'm also aware that there is built in support in .NET, but it seems rather limited in it's implementation. Comments?

Same company, but two URLs

Great product, awesome support. Primarily focused on ASP.NET, but probably can be easily leveraged for winforms as well.
kellycoinguyAuthor Commented:
Do you have personal experience using this library? Have you compared it to others that may be available? What makes it good?
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I have used the SMTP library, not the POP (though I have heard good things).  I liked it because it it was very full featured.  Did everything I needed it to (authentication was a big hang up trying to use the standard classes) and I don't think I've scratched the surface.

Also had a chance to hear the package's creator speak, he personally answers most if not all support requests.  Liked his architecture and approach.  He wrote it all up from the ground up using .NET.

Have not compared it to other packages.  So there could be something better out there.
kellycoinguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your post... hopefully we'll get a few more to chime in before selecting the best answer though... just in case there's something better out there.

One BIG problem with this library though is that their licence is geared towards putting it on a web server, not integrating it into a WinForms application. They say to contact them about that, but we'll see how deeply they wish to gouge on this point. The ANSMTP has a very reasonable runtime library fee of just under $300, I just don't know how good it is.
Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
check these... they are free..

An article on creating a program to check your IMAP mail. The program will minimize in the system tray and will show the number of new messages.  

An SMTP and POP3 mail server written using the .NET Framework and C#.  

Simple MAPI.NET. Usage of the Simple MAPI API  

POP3 Library in C#. Complete POP3 Library with Attachment read and Save option  

This project is supposed to be a part of messaging-enabled server-client applications. Users in local network will be able to send messages without Internet access and without mail client installed and configured through server.
kellycoinguyAuthor Commented:
It seems that there may not be any other C# libraries ready to go other than the ANSMTP and a few lighter weight public domain/open source projects.

Perhaps some of the open source projects are very good... it is surprising to me that there isn't more public information about these sorts of libraries.

Thanks for the pointers! All quite interesting.

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