Windows 2003 folder quotas NOT user or DISK quotas.

Ok, the box is running Windows 2003 Server Enterprise on an NTFS drive, and I need to limit the size of 3 folders & 1 file, lets just say


I need to make sure the user(Not a computer "user" just a person with ftp access to those folders) did not go over their pre-set quota, and if they did return a "Disk full" error. If there is a program that can do this that may be an option, as long as it is small, free, easy to use, has a GUI & can be run with the command line.

Thanks in advance, Matt.

P.S. This will also need to have upto about 500 rules for diffrent folders & files.
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it will have to be third party software 
does this (or it used to), but i think veritas bought it out, so i don't know what it will cost.
nybble05Author Commented:
It looks like what I want but there is no download link and it is not free :-)

Thanks for you reply,
i don't know if you will find something to do this for free
talk to your favorite vendor, and ask them for quotes on the Quota software they have to offer
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nybble05Author Commented:
Well, I mean $30 would be ok I guess, but nothing to $$$.

Perhaps something that will just lock the folders if the user quota was maxxed out? :)

Thanks again!
here is a fairly "cheap" product
I do not have any experience using it, but appears to offer the features you need.  Perhaps you can get a trial version.

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nybble05Author Commented:
GREAT find! I will check it out, if it turns out to be what I want I will give you your points. It is $40 which is a bit much.... but it looks nice!
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