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Quickbooks pro 2004, need work around for standard user to run the program.

Norris04 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-01-10
Hi all,

I'm getting the User access rights error message that many people seem to have encountered. I'm running Server 2003 and the work arounds for this problem only seem to apply to XP and W2K. Anybody have any hints for W2k3?

I guess I should explain the problem a little better: Once the program is installed only Administrators or Power Users are allowed to run the program. Unfortunately, like most networks, the accounting department is not allowed to have Power Users privledges. This does not have to do with permissions for accessing the data file, just for running the application itself.

Thanks for any pointers,

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Give the user local admin rights > install the application > Then remove local admin rights.  See if the program will still function.  If more than one user on the computer you may need to do this for each user.

What I've done is change the permission on the installed folder for "Account Department" to have full control.


-RDAdams, thanks for the suggestion but the server is already in production and I can't afford the reboots.

-dhuang, I gave full control to x:\program files\Intuit but this did not help

One further note, this is a Terminal Server as well.  


Hi Norris04,
You might want to check your Group Policy on the Terminal server, maybe you need to add the program into the allow to run program?

It sounds like you have a permissions or rights error that is happening.  The current user doesn't have the necessary privilege level to run the program.  dhuang has a good idea give that a try.


Well, I'm still not having any luck. I don't think the issue really has anything to do with TS as the problem occurs locally or remotely. I can log in as my restricted test user, right click on the app, run as admin, and it loads fine.

Pulling out much needed hair!!

Ni Norris04: What is the exact Word/Error when you execute the program as a normall user?


Hi dhuang,

OK, When logged in, locally or remotely as a test user, with domain user rights, and Quickbooks is launched I get the following:

The QB interface appears.

Then an error window titled User Access Rights Problem appears.

The message in the error window is: "Your user account for Windows was created with restricted access to system resources. This will prevent QuickBooks from operating properly. Please contact your system administrator and ask him or her to grant you standard user rights.

If I make my test user a member of local power users this problem goes away and the program launches normally locally or remotely.



Try this:
1) Ceated a Quickbooks Users group, added users to that group, and gave the group Full Access to the HKLM\Software\Intuit\QuickBooksRegistration Key
2) Assign Modify rights to the Program Files\Intuit\Quickbooks Pro folder.
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Norris04, Please respond to the comments from the Experts.
See:  https://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hi49 Thank you, turn123 (s)

Your user account for Windows was created with restricted access to system resources.

Windows XP: From the taskbar, click Start, and then Control Panel. (If you are running Windows XP in classic view, follow the steps for Windows 2000 above.)
In Control Panel, double-click Users and Passwords (In Windows XP this is entitled User Accounts.)
If the user who requires access is listed, make sure that Domain is the domain name used when the user logs on to this computer. If they only use this local workstation, it should be the name of the computer. Note: if the local computer name is used, then the user can log on to the workstation only. If the user needs to be able to access the network and use QuickBooks as well, or if you need to add this user, follow the steps below:
In the Users and Passwords window, click Add.
1.      In the Add New User window, enter the User name and Domain. (Note: This should be the user name and domain which the user enters to log on to the network.)
2.      Click Next.
3.      Click Standard user (Power Users Group).
4.      Click Finish.
5.      Click OK.
Now this user should be able to start QuickBooks.
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