Netscape Mail and Norton AV Real Time Protection

Windows 2003 Server with Symantec Anti-Virus ,small Business Edition (with enable Real Time Protection)on the server,
Windows XP OS ,Norton  Client as AV on end users PC.
Netscape Mail ver.7.1  does not show Virus Alert message in real time on infected email in the inbox .
How it is possible to enable this valuable option for my end-user without moving him to Outlook
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Well according to Symantec...


"If email protection is enabled, your email messages are scanned automatically. Norton AntiVirus supports all email programs that use either POP3 or SMTP communications protocol. To prevent connection timeouts while receiving large attachments, enable timeout protection. Enable Worm Blocking to protect against malicious worms.

Choose from these options to customize email scanning. Email scanning protects you from viruses sent or received in email attachments. You can specify how to respond when a virus is found in an email attachment. "
goodearthlightingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for quick respond .

Norton AV does its job,
It just not clear  for my end user which message in his  inbox  to delete right away as an infected by virus . Outlook gives   Virus Alert Message in case like this.

 How can I make Netscape to do the same?
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>>>How can I make Netscape to do the same?

I don't know but accornding to Syamtec should work.
Actually (given that Norton is configured correctly on the client post) Norton should scan all incoming E-mail, regardless of the program used. Are you sure your client is getting infected messages and that Norton is not detecting them?

Could you describe your problem a bit clearer? Normally Norton takes infected emails and puts them directly into quarantine.

Hope this helps,

Daniel F.
goodearthlightingAuthor Commented:
I have deleted about 14 messages in the end-users inbox .I know those are infected.
But I do not have Virus Alert Messages from Norton and Netscape kept those in the inbox.I have let Netscape (or Norton) give the end user visual message with order to delete the message.Anything will  help.
Do you mean that you configured Norton so that the only action it takes for infected messages is to notify the user or what?

Does the user get this message or not? I don't have a lot of ideas... Norton should be scanning these messages...

Are you using POP or SMTP?
Because Norton does not support IMAP at all.

If you are using IMAP there are other solutions as enabling Norton auto protection...

goodearthlightingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for respond.
I am using  SMTP, Norton has been set to quarantine infected files & give an Virus Alert message for end user.It works this way in Outlook,not in the Netscape.
I have changed the Setting on Norton Real Time Protection to Delete Infected files for macro virus and non- macro  virus a few minutes ago.I'll see what happen now.
goodearthlightingAuthor Commented:
Dear Experts,
how can I unlock the File System Real Time Protection on the enduser PC ,so Norton Client will delete the infected file right away?Changes on the server did not help.
Hmmm I don't know sorry
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