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First time opening and installing a powersupply etc. in my pc and need help.

NightlBladeX asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-08
Hello,I am going to purchase an AMD Athlon™ XP 2500+ / 512KB Cache / 333MHz FSB / Socket A / Barton Core / Processor,a new fan for the processor,and an Asus - A7N8X - nVIDIA nForce2 - Socket A ATX Motherboard with Audio, AGP 8X, USB 2.0 and 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN Support motherboard. And 512 or 1gig of DDR ram. It will also have my radeon 9600xt video card i just bought in it. This will be my first time trying to install all of this an upgrade my pc. And someone online informed me that I would need a new power supply for this. Is this true? And if so,what type of power supply would I need? 400w or more? I plan to buy my equipment from tigerdirect.com as they seem reliable and their prices are affordable for me. My current pc setup is a p4 1.5gig,256mb rdram pc. A cdr/rw drive,dvd drive,floppy drive,an old ecm soundblaster pro card,and that is about all I know. 250 or 280 W Powersupply. Well as I said earlier in my post,could someone please help me out with this stuff and tell me what type of power supply I would need for my new pc? Or will my current one do? And lastly ..my most important question. When I take out my old motherboard and put in my new one,will my HD,cdr drive,dvd drive,etc be detected and setup to work automatically? Or will I have to go into the BIOS someway and  set everything up? Thank you
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Some of the newer motherboards require a power supply with an extra connector that the older power supplies don't have. The motherboard specs should say what type of supply. Check the one you have to see if it is the correct type.
IIRC the A7N8X needs the new type of supply while P4 motherboards did not.
You may also have issues with the case itself since the backpannel has changed as well.
There are extra or bigger holes for USB/Firewire/Lan Ports ect.
So you might want to check the connector layouts of the new and existing MB's and see if they match.
You should be able to get a suitable new case w/supply for about $40 last I checked.
Hi Nightl,

I would not go and buy a power supply just yet; see how the machine runs with the existing one first. Although power supply boxes are cheap, you may not need to get a new one, unless the new MoBo requires that extra cable MePhantom mentioned; the MoBo manual should tell you that clearly.

Regarding the machine recognizing your drives; it depends on the default settings your BIOS comes with. The easiest way to make sure everything is recognized is to enter the BIOS Setup and set all four IDE devices to Auto. It's always a good thing to look that up and make sure the settings are okay. Make sure you place the drives in the proper IDE positions; your main hard drive as Primary Master, etc; and the machine should boot up nicely.

Good Vibes!



if i try to start my pc up with the new motherboard and my current powersupply is not enough,will my pc blow up? Or motherboard fry? Or am I worrying over nothing?
Most likely it will not power up properly ... as in it will power up then switches off moments later. But that is the case if parts are sucking alot of power. or in another scenrio where by the power supply becomes very hot obviously the pwoersupply is being over loaded... But as i would recomemed some where around 400 watts will be fine. anyway there is no harm having more power avaliable You might want to add more fans to the system as AMD processors can rather hot. The extra power will come in handy
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I plan to reformat anyway ^.^ By the way. With fans,I only noticed that the powersupply comes with fans,and there is one main fan on the back of the pc,and one for the processor as well. How would I go about installing more fans into my pc? Is there a website that explains how to do such a thing in perfect detail for one new to installing pc parts?

If your case has openings for extra fans, then all you need to do is buy one or two and put them in. If not, then you should get a new case, or get adventurous and cut some holes in the case:-)

If you do a Google search on cooling PC's you should find various sites with this type of information. However, if you don't overclock and don't work in a very warm environment, then you should not need any extra fans anyway. I have had many PC's over the years, and I have NEVER had to add any fans - all my PC's had either two (CPU and Power Supply) or three (CPU, Power Supply, and Video Card) fans only, and I have never had a problem. But if you don't mind the noise it never hurts to get rid of as much heat as you can.

You will need a new power supply.  A HIGH QUALITY one.  Something from Enermax.  For example this one would be a good one for your system.  


That is the quietest power supply that is on the market.  And one of the best quality ones.

>>You should be able to get a suitable new case w/supply for about $40 last I checked.
A case yes, but not suitable power supply.  A case with a power supply has the cheapest and worst power supply that you can buy

He has some very good and high quality parts for his computer.  Why would he want to put anything but a high quality power supply in?

You are probably going to have to do a repair install of your operating system.   However, I would recommend that you do a complete format and clean install.  


I plan to buy my equipment from Tigerdirect.com. And on tigerdirect.com I see parts called "Barebone PC's". Is this a pc case itself? Or should it just be called "PC CASE"? lol

By the way,I am very sorry for all of the questions. I would rather be very informed than non-informed at all and end up messing up something in my pc. So forgive me for all of the questions.

Enermax is one of the best power supplies around, but it's not the only one. Search for reviews on power supplies if this is so important to you.

As for Buckeyes33 - you CAN pick up a GOOD case with a GOOD power supply - cheap. As long as the case is at least $70-100 at a reputable dealer, it will work just fine. That's all I have ever spent on a case, and I have never had a power supply failure yet - but it helps that I take it apart once a year and remove all the dust, and oil the fan. I even have to do that with the Enermax, which I bought to replace the 200 watt unit when I got my first Athlon 700Mhz (1999), and is still up and running at my friends place now!



Also,here are pics of how big my PC's case is. This is my exact pc that I am using right now. I thought it would be best to take the pics and show them in order to get the best answer and as well make the best judgement.


If one were actually looking at it in person,it looks way bigger than in the picture.
That case should work just fine. As long as it fits an ATX motherboard it will be fine.  You are going to want to remove the plastic thing on the back to get some better air flow.  You are also going to want to make sure there is a fan in the lower front of the case.  Is there a fan there?   With an XP 2500 air flow will be very important for better opperation.

As for the power supply.  I think that you will need a new one no matter what.  HP has been known to have underpowered power supplies.   If it is only 250-300 W you will need a new one.

here is a good tutorial of how to build a PC from tomshardware.com


It is an old article, but you can still learn from it.
The wattage on the power supply determines how much power it will provide to all components of the system.

The PSU you currently have will not be enough imo, and even if you do use it and it works fine it will be running the PSU to it's limit, causing heating issues, and at some point when you continue to upgrade certain items, it will die on you.

When spending the money you are palnning, I would reccommend spending a little extra and buying a new case. Most new cases are 350W atleast.

Barebone is not just a case. It will contain a motherboard, etc.


Since you guys recommended getting a new case though. Could you tell me what is the absolute best Case out there for building a video game pc that is around maybe 70-80 dollars or so at the most? I am a hardcore gamer,and that is what I will be using my pc for. I've looked about,but there are so many different types out there ugh. I'm looking for one which I can add more fans to in order to keep my pc cooled. And as well,one where i can add front usb ports from my current pc.


I like the X-Dreamer II case as it also displays the temperature of my pc. But I am not sure if it is really good for a gaming pc. Not to mention if I can put front usb ports in it. Can I?


And this one looks good as well. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=711996&Sku=A451-3005 as I see it has front usb ports. Just no temperature display. Is this one better than the X-dreamer? Or either would be fine?
FYI:  Watch out in buying stuff from tigerdirect.  They have good products, but no matter what you buy, you will pay at least $10 in shipping and handling.  That is just out horible compaired to all the free shipping places.  Tiger direct's case shipping is like $18.

NightlBladeX, The case is not as important as the power supply! As long as the case has the ports where you like them, and it's fairly sturdy (doesn't flap in the breeze when open;-), and it has extra opening for fans in case you want to overclock, and it has enough drive bays, then it should be fine. I had a look around the WEB for a review of the X-Dreamer II, and found this one:


They like it except for the power supply, which has only 4 molex connectors.

Maybe the Artec Guardian case would do better since you buy the power supply seperate. I found a couple of good reviews on that one:



These guys like the case, and so do I! I'm thinking that maybe I should pop for one myself, not for my PC (at 46, those lights would only bother me;-), but for the kids. They would love it, and at that price it's a great deal! Grab it along with a EnerMax 400Watt PS and you should be good to go!


Sorry NightlBladeX, the second link on the Artec case was wrong. Here it is again:




Tigerdirect is bad for getting pc parts from? Ugh.. hm..how about www.newegg.com? Is that a better place than tigerdirect?

TigerDirect is excelent! I use them all the time and have had no problem with the product, or the time it takes to get here. Besides, if you compare the price of the Artec case to NCIX price, it's about $30 cheaper! I have found that they are usually 10-30% cheaper then anyone else. For instance I got a Sapphire Radeon 9600XT for $215 Canadian - couldn't find it anywhere else for less then $230!

As for the shipping, if you buy more then $200 Canadian, then shipping is free. You also have the option of going to the outlet store on Woodbine south of HWY#7 in Toronto, but you should call first to verify that they have the item there - they don't stock much compared to the online store!

If you are in the States then maybe newegg is better, but I don't think they ship to Canada.



I am in the u.s. :P And thank you Cail!


And thank you to everyone else as well! :)
newegg has good shipping cost and is about the same price or cheaper then tigerdirect.  I like tigerdirect, but the shipping on cases and such is a killer.  Newegg also charges for case shipping, on most cases.  If you look at the link I gave you to Acupc.com they have free shipping on most things above $50 and they are cheaper on a lot of cases then other places.  

For your power supply.

www.futurepowerpc.com and www.zoomfly.com   have the cheapest prices on Enermax power supplies and they have free shipping.  
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