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e-mail just will not delete......

ok this is the deal...I have a user that is checking their mail remotely using OWA and when they click on certain e-mails within their inbox a virus message is through up and the message is probably deleted, but the user can not delete the message from their inbox. When the user comes back into the office and downloads their mail its stuck at the message that has the virus on it....whats going on..how can I purge or completely get rid of his mail that it's in his inbox.

any idea?
Joshua Dumas
Joshua Dumas
1 Solution
Hi duemes,
Do you have any AV that might quaranene it in the mailbox?

not recommended, but if at your last resort ONLY!

On the Exchange Server, browse the M: Drive (Mailbox Info Store) and locate the users folder and delete the Email.  Again, not recomended.  Should get a AV solution on the server and allow it to quarentine the viruses.
When you say >>"user comes back into the office and downloads their mail" I assume you guys are using POP3 instead of Exchange Server setting?

Well, have you tried telling the user to disable the "preview" when in OWA and delete the files that way?  Make sure the user delete the message out of the "Deleted Items" folder after he deletes the mail out of his inbox as well.

If that doesn't work, you should be able to log into the Exchange box as the Administrator, open up his email using outlook, turn off preview, and delete the email.

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Joshua DumasAuthor Commented:
I am using Trend ScanMail for Exchange

When I browse to the M drive it states 'Access Denied' - I guess root (Administrator) doesn't have access to users folders?

any ideas
duemes, i use the same AV and viruses pass right through it.. but my Trend Server Protect gets it in the mailstore and quarantene it elsewhere.. I guess ScanMail just does not cut it when it comes to the latest viruses...
Try setting the Scanmail to delete instead of quarantene or move.. that might resolve your problem.

Use the message tracking center in Exchange Admin to get the mail and get it that way...
Joshua DumasAuthor Commented:
can i use 2.8 on a Exchange 2000 server....I dont think so...right???
Dont know, never used it.. I use the 5.5... but propably not..
Joshua DumasAuthor Commented:
It appears that when I installed MailSweeper or ScanMail...something was screwed up....I uninstalled them both, after hearing the version of ScanMail that I have should be installed on Exchange 2000 servers....

all fixed!!
:-) Great! So some kind of quaranteene problem it was...

(didnt you have the scanmail on the exchange before???)
Joshua DumasAuthor Commented:
no I recently purchased this software and thought it would work with Exchange 2000.....
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Thank you,

Wes Lennon
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