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I/O Error 123 & Slow startup...

Posted on 2004-03-25
Last Modified: 2007-12-19

A colleague of mine is receiving an "I/O error 123" when her pc boots... Ive never come across this before has anyone any ideas what it means??

Her pc is booting incredibly slow... is the error causing that?

Nothing in her process list is untoward, Ive ran stinger, Norton, spybot etc but thats comin up flat...

She is running FXSSC.EXE which is Msoft Fax but its used alot so I dont want to disable that...

Oh also there is KHOOKER.EXE running... any ideas??

Question by:r1chard100
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Expert Comment

ID: 10675370
LVL 44

Accepted Solution

CrazyOne earned 475 total points
ID: 10675375
One other thing to try is

start > run /f /r

Expert Comment

ID: 10675432

sorry for just piping in here, but what does that do? "start>run /f/r"
just curious
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Assisted Solution

gemarti earned 25 total points
ID: 10676029
It doesn't do anything. I think my friend CO meant to type

START | RUN | chkdsk /f /r

...an assist Spencer :)

Author Comment

ID: 10676038
Hi people... I'll try the running chkdisk now... gemarti - glad you piped up I was just a wee bit confused!! ;)

let you know shortly what happened.

LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 10680188
>>>an assist Spencer :)

Thanks Glenn and  r1chard100 sorry I thought I had typed in the whole thing

Author Comment

ID: 10685188
Hello fellas

I ran the chkdsk.... scanned the drive, apparently no problems.

The computers reasonably high spec.. for work anyhow.

AMD 1800, 256DDR... there is nothing installed which is causing it to be slow, there isnt much in her start up list...

Heres another idea... I think its rubbish but I may be wrong..

The company who supplies the pcs reckon the processor is loosing speed...!? That cant happen can it... unless its drastically overheating i guess... What you think??

LVL 21

Expert Comment

ID: 10686038
Download this free utility. Under Computer | Sensors you can see the temperatures of the system. Also tell me what audio devices are installed on the system. I've seen something about KHOOKER.EXE before, someone tried to tell me that it was an application for a SIS Audio card, but I've got my suspicions.

Hardware Information Utility

This utility compiles a comprehensive list of information about your system. Listed below is a summary of the types of information collected..

--------[ Summary ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DMI ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Sensor ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ CPU ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ CPUID ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Motherboard ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Memory ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ SPD ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Chipset ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ BIOS ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Operating System ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Processes ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ System Drivers ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Share ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Logon ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Users ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Local Groups ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Video ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ PCI / AGP Video ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ GPU ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Desktop ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Multi-Monitor ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Fonts ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Audio ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ PCI / PnP Audio ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ ACM ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ VCM ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Storage ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Logical Drives ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Physical Drives ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Optical Drives ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ ASPI ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ ATA ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ SMART ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Keyboard ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Mouse ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Network ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ PCI / PnP Network ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ IAM ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Internet ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DirectX Files ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DirectX Video ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DirectX Sound ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DirectX Music ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ DirectX Input ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Devices ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Physical Devices ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Device Resources ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Printers ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Auto Start ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Installed Programs ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Windows Update ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Anti-Virus ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Environment ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ System Files ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 --------[ System Folders ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Power Management ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Regional ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Memory Read ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Memory Write ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Debug - PCI ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Debug - Video BIOS ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------[ Debug - Unknown ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Author Comment

ID: 10686554
I'll give it a crack mate... let you know shortly how I get on..

Author Comment

ID: 10686640
Ive ran adia good little piece of kit.

Her "system idle processes" in task manager are showing the cpu (usage?) is at between 80 - 97 (%?) seems a helluva lot dowsnt it, or is that normal??
LVL 21

Expert Comment

ID: 10687014
Well system idle processes at 80-97% means the system isn't doing anything 80-97% of the time.

What about the temperature? If you click on Computer | Sensors you should see some information on the processor's temperature.

LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 10689509
>>>The company who supplies the pcs reckon the processor is loosing speed...!? That cant happen can it... unless its drastically overheating i guess... What you think??

Actually it is possible especially since AMD;s are easily overclokced which reduce their usualful life.

Author Comment

ID: 10702149
I know they can be but nobody here would be able to do it... let alone need to do it...

I thinks shes just gonna have to live with it, until the gaffer realises he's gonna have to spend some £££ on descent pc's...

Well thanks for you help mate...

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