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I have a combo setup as a drop down list, defined the values for the list in the collection, how through the properties do I set the first value to be selected.
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culshajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to loop through the items and set the slected property iof the item that you want to be selected be set to true.

James :-)
PluckaAuthor Commented:
Right, if i knew how to do that i'd be half way there :(
PluckaAuthor Commented:
SpeedCombo.SelectedIndex = 0

works but you got me on the right track.
Are you using WinForms or ASP.Net?

In Winforms you just use the slectedIndex property i.e.

cboX.SelectedIndex = 2

If you need to loop through it you use the following

        Dim c As Integer
        For c = 1 To cboX.Items.Count - 1
            If CType(cboX.Items(c), String) = myStringVarToCheckAgainst Then
                cboX.SelectedIndex = c
                Exit For
            End If

In ASP.Net you use the following code:

For intCount = 0 To (objDropDownList.Items.Count - 1)
    If objDropDownList.Items(intCount).Value = myVarToCheckAgainstThen
        objDropDownList.Items(intCount).Selected = True
        Exit For
    End If
Next intCount

Hope this helps

James :-)
Sorry about being a little late on the better response .....  :-(

James  :-)
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