lost folders on CD

i received a CD with about 500 mb on it but only one folder of ~2 mb is displayed in the list.
how the whole contents of the disk can be displayed and reached?
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi idrbooks,

What are the contents of that folder? Is there a setup file there?
If so, run it, it might be a UDF disk, but you might not have the UDF driver yet.

Otherwise, ISOBuster should be able to get the contents back (http://www.isobuster.com)



   What makes you say there is 500 mb total on the cd ?

   Is it possible the files are just hidden ?

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In My Computer, double click on the CD rom drive. Click on Tools, Folder Options, and then click on the "View" tab. Select "Show hidden files and folders" so that the radio button is active. Click OK and you should be all set.
The files are just hidden; that's all.
Another possibility is that the CD was created with multiple sessions.  For example, if I make a CD, then I try to write to it again, I am asked if I would like to record a new session or continue an old one.  If I choose to start a new session, the CD will appear blank, except for the newest files I have just put on.  If I continue an old session, whatever I put on will be added to what was already there.

I found this one out the hard way.  :-)  That might be your problem.

Good luck!

-- CptnSbaitso
A quick note:

A utility like CDRoller (www.cdroller.com) claims to be able to recover lost data.  I would give it a shot (a free trial verison is available from their website).

Good luck!

-- CptnSbaitso
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