A Program that re-directs internet trafic

Hello, i want to be able to have a program re-direct trafic to another site, like for instance if i go to www.mysite.com/www.google.com it would actually use my computer to interact with google search.  so inotherwords, if im at work, and there firewall prevents google search, but allows my computer, i can use my computer for google trafic.
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vinnyd79Connect With a Mentor Commented:
And you think that is going to trick the firewall? I don't think so.
wd006451Author Commented:
I don't see why not, because the trafic would be coming from a site that is unblocked.  and if i submit anything it goes back to my site and my server does the communication to the dest host.?? does this make more sence?
wd006451Author Commented:
I supose kind of like a proxy server would do, but reverse sort of.
wd006451Author Commented:
here is a link to look at and how some people do it. http://www.startabroad.com/guide.htm
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