HELP: popups children and parent

I have one main popup window with some javascript functions.
Clicking on a link opens a child popup window.

I don’t know how those two popup windows can collaborate in javascript?
By collaborate I mean few things:
-how I can call javascript functions from parent code in child popup code?
-how can I close parent popup from the child’s code
-if parent popup has ActiveX component, can I set some property of that ActiveX from the child popup window?

Please give some code examples….
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searlasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of this is addressed in the answers to this question:
opener function

function helloworld(){
     alert("Hello World");

call it in the child like so

<a href="#" onclick="opener.helloworld();return false;">Hello World</a>

Close the popup
<a href="#" onclick="self.close();return false;">Close Me</a>

I do not use activeX and do not allow them to be run on my boxes so cannot help on those
alambresConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in main win:
var win1 = ("popup1.htm","", "");
var win2 = ("popup2.htm","", "");

to call functions defined in the parent from the popup:
>> supposing function myFunc(){}

>> supposing function myFunc2(){}

to call functions defined in the popup from the parent:


to call functions defined in one popup from the other:
>> supposing function myFunc3(){}  defined in the second popup:

in the first popup   ----  

note that you must check if the window you wanna refer is opened (that is exists):
if (!win1.closed) win1.myFunc();

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glowasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response guys.
I'll test it now.
One more thing:
-How to close all child popups when closing the parent window?
should remember someway the vars referring to the popups
for Mozilla:
var win1 = ("popup1.htm","", "dependent");
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