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Confused on Sendmail and Perl

kidfist asked
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Last Modified: 2010-03-04

I am very new at this and trying to work with books for making PERL scripts. I am trying to get a script to write to a text file and send and e-mail. I can get the script to write to a text file.  However I cannot get the perl script to send an email.  I was using sendmail. Then I later found out That was for unix only and not windows. So now what? If Sendmail is for unix only then what do I do? Could someone look at my code and give me a hand. This is job related so it is important.

foreach $ab (@gold) {
$ri=~tr/+/ /;
open(MAIL, "|/usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t ")|| die "Cannot start sendmail: $!\n";


print MAIL "To: $email \n";
print MAIL "Subject: New Clockin\n";
print MAIL "Clockin=$days[$wday], $months[$mon] $mday, $year, $timey:$timei:$timee\n";

close MAIL or die $!;
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
@days = ("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday",

@months = ("January","February","March","April","May","June",

"July","August","September","October","November", "December");

@days = ("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday",
@months = ("January","February","March","April","May","June",
($sec,$min,$hr,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst) =
$year = $year + 1900;
print TECH
Clocked in at $days[$wday], $months[$mon] $mday, $year, $timey:$timei:$timee&

print qq ~CLICK HERE(<A href="http://www.chemtroninc.com/CO5ACCTSLINKS.HTML">CO5ROUTES.HTML</A>)~;

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Dave CrossPerl programmer, author and trainer

You have a couple of options.

1/ Find a Windows program that emulates sendmail. I believe that many people use one called "blat".

2/ Use the Net::SMTP module to talk directly to your SMTP server.

Top Expert 2007


It is a common misbelief that blat is equivalent to sendmail.  Not so, blat is a MUA (Mail User Agent) and sendmail is a MTA (Mail Transport Agent).

Apart from using Net::SMTP, you're probably better off using one of the higher level modules for mail such as Mail::Sendmail (which, despite the name, will talk SMTP)

Some general comments on your script.

1.  Use the standard CGI module for parsing CGI parameters.
2.  Always check the result of opening files.
3.  The POSIX strftime will simplify all your arrays and date code into one line.
Dave CrossPerl programmer, author and trainer

It don't know enough about Windows software to comment on this,  but I understand that you can use blat in place of sendmail in things like formmail scripts. I'm pretty sure that I've seen it done. Is that not the case?

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Do not forget to set your SMTP server.
Basically to send an e-mail from Windows using Perl is not that complicated.
There are multiple solutions developed already.
Starting from a simple Sendmail.pm module, which does not send attachments (although it is possible to encode attachment in the outgoing e-mail before using Sendmail and send it);
You can use a standard Net::SMTP module to send away simple messages and this options is standard with ActiveState installation of Perl - check your ActiveState Documentation for sending e-mail example;
However my best so far is MIME::Lite.
It is not difficult to install this module and it provides the easiest way of handling e-mails WITH attachments and multiple e-mail options.
You can build your own fully functional multy-user e-mail client with it, and this is exactly what i did a few months ago.
All my utilities I built for work come standard with e-mail alert notification options.

From the above example you can see that there are two critical lines, needed to send an e-mail message:
"use Sendmail;"

Hope this helps.

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