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pavilion 6330

I tried to get the drivers I need but the link does not work.Can some get me these drivers pleases. It is very important that I get them as soon as possible,!pleases
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which drivers do you need?
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whe I am using a old  IBm g41 monitor. I need the video drivers,sound drivers. Will 98 update the drivers automatical when I get hooked up to the net. Oh and motherboard drivers. I need them as soonas possible.
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i need the motherboard drivers. my monitor will not display certain cds because of this. How about sound and all the ao-board drivers. that is reall what I need
OK, I am doing it overbut I still need thoses drivers.Both of these HP's seem to be very hard to get the drivers I need.I now that htey are old but I still got to get them fixed or I do not get paid.
try the second link to find drivers for your motherboard.

they have the drivers for sound, video, bios, etc.
Akboss, the second link. I do not thing so for the video or sound.Can you just post the links to theses drivers please.I called hp and the said the do not even have the drivers or recovery cd.
I realy realy srewed up. I flashed the bios and now when I boot with 98, I get 0"s on the screen.The video is srewed.I can hear it booting but I can only see zeros.It ia a AMD K-2/300 with 3Dnow motherboard.Can you help me get thia back please.If not then I own these person a computer.I F*ck it up even more.PLease help me.CAn you get me the right flash to get it back.Please post link to the flash not just the site.AND I doid not see any flash on HP site so that is a no go.This is very vital please,  solve this for please
I can not find the old bios anywheres. I cannot wait to get rid of this one. Can you find it for me.I am sorry but I tried to find it but I just have no luck.please find it for me please
taht is what I used and it screwed thingup Should I try it again or what.please give me something to go on please.
you flashed the old bios?

well if you dont get the bios reflash and functioning everything else is a waste of time.
what you have with a screwed up bios is a dead motherboard.
OK,then what can I do?Are you telling  me that the bios you are directing me to, is already there?If thtat is the class then it should worK.I tell try it again.What do You think?Unless you have a better Ideal!?!?!
OK it is a Amd k6 -2/300 mother board.Can I get the Jumper set to clear the cmos?If I clear the cmos, What does that mean or do for this mother board.