Access is denied adding XP Pro workstation to Windoes Server 2003 network

I have been setting up a new SBS 2003 network. I have had my Win 2000 Pro laptop connected as the only client for a week, then came the big moment to start moving the office machines (all XP Pro) onto the new network. But, when I try to join the domain it gives me "Access is denied". It gets as far as saying that it has found an account for the computer in the domain, and do I want to use it? Then gives me the error. IP all works fine. I have tried using all manner of user accounts in the domain, including the domain administrator, but with no luck. Any ideas please.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Try deleting the account from AD and joining from the WS.

You can always move the account once it's joined.
look for additional errors in the system log and security log of the SBS server
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dr_duddAuthor Commented:
I tried adding the machine before I created the account on the server and it didn't work (same problem), so I tried creating the account on the server and that hasn't worked either.

I hadn't thought to look in the event logs - good suggestion.

I feel this must be a policy related issue (does anyone else loathe Microsoft policies?). I created the computer and user accounts using the SBS "Add User" wizard. I have also tried the "ConnectComputer" web wizard, but it comes back with "There was a network problem, contact your network administrator" - that's me!
I assume that the Wizard has encounted the same problem as doing it manually.

Also, I am logged on to the PC as local administrator - the PC is not currently in a domain (I had to take it out of the old domain because the new domain is in a different IP network).
i would also check the event logs on the client
if you don't turn anything up with these options, then install the support tools on both machines (installation media\support\tools\<install file>)

run dcdiag and netdiag on the DC
dcdiag > c:\dcdiag.txt so you can see everything in notepad

and run netdiag on the client machine
When you join the domain, are you prompted for domain credentials?

Most of the time you can use: adminname@domain  in the user field.  You must be using a Domain Admin account unless you have allowed non-admins the right to join workstations.  I am aware of the 10-pc limit for non-admins, but let's eliminate the obvious.

dr_duddAuthor Commented:
DCDIAG showed no problems with the Domain Controller. NETDIAG refused to run saying it was missing a .DLL - it seems there is no XP version of NETDIAG as the only one I could find is for W2K.

I have since joined a Win98 machine to the domain. It sort of works in that it logs in ok, and executes the login script, but it says "The network is not accessible" when you try to browse it.

dr_duddAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.

It was a corrupted security database on the local PC. I tried to re-build it but there was so many anomalies I ended up rebuilding the whole machine. It connected to the domain straight away then.
how do access the security database
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