eeprom configuration

I have a Sparc 20 system with 2 internal disk drives (36GB each).
I have mirrored the primary drive to the secondary drive, so I have two bootable system drives both with Solaris 8.

My eeprom configuration is a follows:
boot-device=disk1 disk

According to the man pages this setting will start with the first disk, if it fails it will go to the second disk.
However my system only tries the first disk and stops at the OK prompt, I have to type boot disk to have it boot off the second disk.

How can I change this to have the system automatically boot off either disk, if one fails it will automatically reboot off the second disk.

Thank in advance for your help.
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Have you defined the path for the second disk?

Start by changing your boot-device variable to 'disk'.  Then figure out why disk1 isn't bootable.  Perhaps the disk1 alias is bogus.


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sluchAuthor Commented:
Here are my definiations for my disk(s)
At the OK prompt I type the following:

ok devalias
disk    /iommu/sbus/espdma@f,400000/esp@f,800000/sd@3,0
disk1  /iommu/sbus/espdma@f,400000/esp@f,800000/sd@1,0

I think this should be fine?

Both disks are bootable as you can type boot or boot disk1 at the OK prompt and the system comes up fine with either disk.

what's the error message when it "only tries the first disk and stops at the OK prompt"?

is auto-boot? set to true?
sluchAuthor Commented:
My boot-device is set as follows:

boot-device=disk1 disk

Here is the message I get

Boot device: /iommu/sbus/espdma@f,400000/eps@f,800000/sd@1,0  File and args:
Type help for more information

Yes auto-boot? is set to true.

Disk1 is a new disk with no operating system on it, however I just want test if it would change over to the second disk.
According to the man pages with boot-device set the way I have indicated above the system should boot from either disk.
hmm, i see you have a sparcstation 20, what version of openboot is it?
I encountered same problem with some brands of disks (mainly hitachi),
didn't have time to dig deeper into this, but replacing the disk fixed the problem
It only happened in some UltraSPARC ...
Just my 2 pence.
sluchAuthor Commented:
The version of openboot is 2.25
at the ok prompt do a probe-scsi-all

ensure your disks match the aliases for disk and disk1

Then after ensureing your aliases are correct

can you do both?:

boot disk
boot disk1

If this works your system is set up correctly

I personally would have boot-device=disk disk1

But I am a creature of habit.
Did you transfer the boot block.

I guess I would like to know how you mirrored the disks.
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