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Access denied issue (but this is an easy one!)

CDRome asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-11
OK. I know this is easy if I do some search for it, but I need to get it out of the way quickly so that I can continue my work:

I have a shared external USB HD drive connected to my desktop and, through it, to my notebook in a peer-to-peer setting that works flawlessly.

However, yesterday I deleted the partitions on the USB HD drive and created new ones. Then I set up one of those partitions to be shared on the network. (I'm going to have to create other partitions too that will need to be shared on the network.)

After the above operation, I do get the new partition on "my network places" (though I get its icon twice), but am denied access to it. The message says I don't have access authorzation and that the server memory's running low (that's a blatant lie! I've got tons of memory in both machines).

Any ideas what this could be and how to fix quickly?
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Have you setup the share permissions and security permissions for this drive?  check the permissions to see who (if anyone) has access and change accordingly.



Yeah, I have both "share this folder" and "allow everyone to change files on this" checked.

For memory, check your configuration for temp files, for \temp for example, for trashcan, and even for virtaul memory. It is probably saying it cannot find the spot on new drive for that, and you either need to (re)create it or reboot and it may self generate.

Best guess: virtual file for paging


Sorry, I don't get that. The drive is just a storage drive. Where do I check the configurations you mention? (I have rebooted a couple of times already.)

is there a security tab on the partition properties?


No security tab.
I've had this problem before, though in my case, I had swapped a drive between two computers.  But Ill bet the problem is the same.  Somehow or another, your account has been removed from the list of those who can access your drive.  To fix that, you're going to need access to the security tab.  To get the security tab, you're going to need to open windows explorer, then click Tools -> Folder Options.  Next, click the View tab, and in the list below, scroll down until you see "Use Simple File Sharing" - uncheck it (I dont know why Microsoft recommends it!).  Now, you should be able to view the properties of that drive, click the security tab, then add your account (or Everyone).



But all the other shared folders work fine. I'm a bit reluctant to mess up with simple file sharing as that's the only way I managed to get my peer to peer network to work after weeks of trial and errors. It's just that one folder/partition that refuses access.

>>server memory's running low
lets look at this for a bit.

check for viruses and spyware.  
check task manager for rogue processes.


I have a Nauhatl.exe running on Desktop at 40%. I interrupted it and had System Idle at 75%. What is Nauhatl.exe?
I cant find anything on the net for nauhatl, but perhaps you might try ending that process, just to test.  I really think its the NFTS security settings, which you need the security tab to access, but perhaps its actually telling the truth about memory...
Try Ad-Aware, a free program to scan for spyware, adware, etc
Yeah, and the link to that would be http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/


CoolWebSearch Trojan and CW Shredder

www.webattack.com has a bunch of good programs to try out for spyware scan and removal


OK. I did both Spybot Search and Destory and Adaware and didn't find anything. I regualrly use both as well as scan for viruses. Nada.

I'm shooting in the dark, but could it be that there is something "stuck" in the memory that needs to be purged so that the nework recognizes the new permissions setup?


Guess what. I get the same message ("not enough server storage to process this command") when I try to open the partition folder from inside "My Network Places" on the Desktop (which is the machine that the USB is connected to). I can access the folders normally from "My Computer" though.

Yesterday, before creating the new partiton I defraged all my disks and parition, including the partition I use for the Swap File. Could this have something to do with it?
I seriously doubt it has anything to do with defragging.  I'm still holding to my theory of security settings :-D Have you checked the size of your paging file lately?  Perhaps its been set too small.  If you want to try a "defrag" of your memory, you can do two things:
1) Restart the computer again
2) Create a VBscript that temporarily fills the memory with spaces:
    a) Open notepad
    b) Type this line: PurgeString = Space(120000000)
    c) You can alter that number to fill more or less memory space, depending on how much RAM you have
    d) Save the file as somefilename.VBS
    e) Double click the file and watch task manager to see if you're memory usage goes up at all (this will slow your system down for a moment)


How do I check the paging file (sorry, a bit of a newbie here). I have 768M of memory installed; what should the PurgeString value be?
I would say 160000000 would do it.  For more information on that, check here: http://www.kwsupport.com/id45.htm

To check your paging file, press Windows Key + Break (alternately, click My Computer on the desktop, then click Properties), then Click the Advanced tab, then, under performance, click settings.  Then, click the Advanced tab on the new window, and you should be able to see how much virtual memory has been allocated.  (This sequence should work for 2000/XP - if you've got another OS, you'll have to tell us)


OK. I think I've found something interesting. I installed Acronis True Image and Acronis Partition Magic yesterday before doing all the partitioning work mentioned above. This is what I found on Acronis site just now:

Why am I in certain circumstances not able to access shared drives and folders after installing Acronis True Image Server 7.0?
After installing Acronis True Image Server 7.0 in Windows NT / 2000 / XP, you receive the following error messages:

"Not enough server storage is available to process this command."


"Not enough memory to complete transaction. Close some applications and retry."

Clients are unable to access network shares.

The problem is that Microsoft Lanman Server has a fixed limit on how many filters it will support. Since Acronis True Image Server 7.0 installs some filters to support backups, the total number of filters can exceed the server's limit.

More information about this problem and possible solutions could be found in Microsoft Knowledge base article 177078.

And Microsoft says to change or add the IRPStackSize value in the registry (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3ben-us%3b177078)

I'm going to try this first since it looks like this is the culprit, and then post back and say what happened.


Right. That's what the problem was. It works now! Thanks guys for your suggestions.
No problem! Congrats!

sweet... glad to hear it... gl

> However, yesterday I deleted the partitions on the USB HD drive and created new ones.
> Then I set up one of those partitions to be shared on the network.

tough grader, nothing said about use of 3rd party tools.
This sounds less like a networking question than of a quiz for, "guess what products are used"
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