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Alternating Row Color and Color Change on Mouse Over - Struts Layout

bob865 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-07
I was wondering if there is anyway to implement both alternating color rows and an onmouseover row color change when using the Struts Layout collection tag. I can do one or the other ( using the styleClass/styleClass2 for the alternating row colors), but when I combine both the mouseover does not work. Any Ideas?
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how did you do in mouseover. you can switch the stylesheet. e.g.
styleClassOdd, sytleClassEven, styleClassOddOver, styleClassEvenOver.
mouse over switch to xxxOverclass, mouse out, switch back.


That would work in a normal situation but with the Struts-Layout collection tag when you implement alternating row colors using the styleClass / styleClass2 attributes it renders the html like so:
<tr><th class="ROW1">First Name</th><th class="ROW1">Last Name</th><th class="ROW1">Address</th><th class="ROW1">City</th></tr><tr onclick="top.location='http://www.google.ca'" onmouseover="top.location='http://www.google.ca'" style="cursor:hand;">
    <td class="ROW2">New</td>
    <td class="ROW2">Subject</td>
    <td class="ROW2">136 Georgian way</td>
    <td class="ROW2">Sherwood Park</td>
</tr><tr onclick="top.location='http://www.google.ca'" onmouseover="top.location='http://www.google.ca'" style="cursor:hand;">
    <td class="ROW1">Another</td>
    <td class="ROW1">Subject</td>
    <td class="ROW1">176 Halliday Drive</td>
    <td class="ROW1">Edmonton</td>

As you can see the class is applied to the individual <td> not the the <tr> tag, So I wondering if there was anyway to apply a style to a row even though there was individual styles on the columns.
for each tr, find all child td and loop through it.
var child = tag.firstChild;
while (child != null) {
    child.className = ...;
    child = child.nextSibling;


<layout:collection name="subjects"
<layout:collectionItem title="First Name" property="subject_first_name"/>
<layout:collectionItem title="Last Name" property="subject_last_name"/>
<layout:collectionItem title="Address" property="subject_address"/>
<layout:collectionItem title="City" property="subject_city"/>

how would I go about doing that given that this is the code I'm using?

also ignore the onRowMouseOver and Click values they were just inplemented for testing.

onRowMouseOver="myRollOver(this)" onRowMouseOut ="myRollOut(this)"

function myRollOver( tag ) {
  var child = tag.firstChild;
  while (child != null) {
    child.className = ...;
    child = child.nextSibling;



That works great except the alternating row colours are reset after the mouse over. How do I deal with that?

you need onRowMouseOut to set it back!


No, No,  we are doing that, but onRowMouseOut how do we tell the function what the orignal style is?  Because there are two possible styles depending on the row.  Maybe i am not making any sense sorry.
as I said in the beginning, you need 2 rollover classes.

child.className = (child.className == 'ROW1') ? 'XROW1' : 'XROW2'

do similar when rollout!
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thank you for your help
my pleasure!
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