Computer Spec:

MSI KT3 Ultra 2 series: MS-6380E (motherboard)
AMD athlon 1800+
2 x 512 DDR, 1 x 256 DDR
Windows 2K
MSI G4 MX-420 64MB card


I recently downloaded a new driver for my graphics card and while looking at the card setting within the display panel I saw that the option for setting the Memeory and core clocks on the card had changed...

Curious, I decided to experiement [Bad idea you may be thinking, and as it turns out your're probably right].

I move the clock slide up to 1/2 way (can remember which one - Memory or core).  I applied the changes and the whole screen displayed a haze of light blue pixels.  As I couldnot seen the windows screen all I could do was reboot the computer.

On reboot it went through the startup sequence fine, went through the Win2k logon fine and opened widows.  After loading startup programs in the system tray the screen would then flick over to the blue pixel haze.

I rebooted in safe mode and went to the device manager for the card.  Within general I went through the trouble shooter...no joy.  Within the driver tab i went through driver properties and update driver...still no joy.  Within resourse tab it has "setting based on" set to 'current configuration' within its dropdown menu. This option in greyed out.  There is also a tick box "Use automatic settings" that is tick and greyed out.  Next to this is a button - "change settings" this is also greyed out.

I am now stuck for ideas.  What do you think?

1.  Have I nuked my card therefore need to buy new one?
2. Is there anyway to reset the defult setting on the card without logging on in normal as the screen becomes unusable.?

Please help!
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You have just discovered the hard way that tweaking video card clock rates is not without danger.  Try the card in another system, as a last resort.  One should always read up on the ramifications of changing system parameters, unless you have the money and don't mind experimenting.  There are things which are reversible and things which are not.  Things which alter the hardware operation tend to have drastic consequences if not done right, like setting clock speeds and flashing BIOSes.

I doubt that you can reset anything in the card, and it's time to buy a new one.  Do you want recommendations?
ric22Author Commented:
OK I thought that this may be the case.  Lesson well learnt though.  I'm due for an upgrade anyway so will probably go for a MSI 128MB card.

Thanks for your reply anyway. =))
one way to try is to go into device manager and uninstall your graphics card.

reboot and let windows find it and then use you new drivers.

or if you have the cd you can do the above but point to the drivers on the cd.

give that a shot.
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IF looking to jump up a bit video card wise, after much debate myself, I'd suggest one based on Nvidia 5900XT, price point hovers around $200 mail order, local if you can even find one will probably be $300+
I spent 4 hours looking through video cards recently....  I'm waiting....  but that's the best card for the money right now.

Try this link from a very good reseller:  http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?catalog=48&DEPA=0&submit=property&mfrcode=0&propertycodevalue=5199

They have a few to choose from....

This article will be most helpful also:   http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/geforce_fx_5900_xt/

I suggest reading the reviews on each card also made by newegg buyers....  and if you can't decide?   Take the one with the best bundled software for your tastes...

It doesn't sound like the card is busted since you say it goes all the way to the windows login fine.  Probably what is happening is that it is applying the overclocked settings as you login.  I know there is some sort of keyboard command to press as it's logging in to disable this and have it run at default settings, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.  I'll see if I can find it and post it here later.
i would say your card is fine    now there is a nice nvidia "easter egg" called coolbits that allows you to overclock your card   sounds liekwaht you found       you must goto display properties>settings>advanced>mx420 tab>advanced (i beleive)>overclocking or somthing to the like..... throttle your sliders back down   now if this is not available in safemode....acutaly it shouldnt be becuase of the failsafe drivers...... goto device manager and click remove drivers for your card

then restart and reinstall the drivers
put in another card and change  the settings back and reboot it
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