Cisco 1720 accessible to all

Good day,

I've recently set up a Cisco 1720 and got it working with varying degrees of help from various people.

Now it's up & running I have one more concern - I can telnet to it from the outside world - That is to say, if I ssh into a remote shell, and telnet back to the routers public IP, I get a telnet response asking for a password.

Having done a security scan, I'm sure it's just telnet that's open.

What can I add to the conf file to stop this ?  If possible (with ease) I'd like to be able to specify 5 fixed IP addresses that should be allowed to access it, but if this is terribly hard, then it would suffice just to block it from the outside world.

Thanks alot for reading.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easy enough...

access-list 10 permit <ip address 1>
access-list 10 permit <ip address 2>
access-list 10 permit <ip address 3>
access-list 10 permit <ip address 4>
access-list 10 permit <ip address 5>

line vty 0 4
 access-class 10 in

shandscombAuthor Commented:
Your access-list worked a treat, lrmoore.

Thanks, as always.

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