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Perfomance loss after Demoting DC and changing DNS settings i.e. message hangs in outbox

j3dante37 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-03-05
I have an Exchange 2k3 str Win2k3 member server in a Win2k Active Directory.  After I demoted one of my DC and doing some DNS changes, mail seems to drag.  On occasion, when a users view a message the “requesting data” box pops up.  Or messages will hang in the out box.  I’ve ran “Replmon” and have found an error related to deleting a server not being successful do to DSA and DNS lookup.  I also notice that messages drag in the local delivery Queue, in inbound and internal.

Any help?
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Is the deleted server listed in the Directory Access tab for the server properties of the affected server?  Also, check sites and services to ensure the deleted server is not referenced as a DC.

DNS can drag down remote queues, but this looks a lot like a DC that no longer a DC being listed as a DC.



I rePromoted the server so it does appear.

Now it seems that message being sent internal just sit in the Local Que along with messages from the internet to a local user.

If I reboot the que clears. I'm not sure if they get delivered.

What do you have in Directory Access?  You say it sits in local?  I would turn logging to maximum for the following logging objects:

Routing engine/service
Queueing engine
Exchange store driver

Don't do it for too long, but keep an eye out of errors in your event log while logging is turned up.  You're bound to see a problem there.  I'm assuming all of the queued messages are bound for local mailboxes, right?  Does email bound for remote locations get delivered?



Things seem to be OK as of right now.  I'm alittle worried about demoting DC.  I think that my issue may lie in DNS.  This server was the only DNS before i got here.  I since Setup 2 other DC to be DNSs.  Maybe I've configured them improperly.  I have another issue that maybe related.  I can't seem to query ADS through a vbscript.  It returns null.


You may be on to something.  Have you checked your resource records for AD?  Here is an article on how to do that:




Everything looks correct according to the KB.

I have found this on my FSMO server but not on the other DNS/DCs:

The DNS server was unable to complete directory service enumeration of zone ..  This DNS server is configured to use information obtained from Active Directory for this zone and is unable to load the zone without it.  Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly and repeat enumeration of the zone. The event data contains the error.

I'm not so sure about this one.  I would probably demote that server again, check your SRV record to see if it still shows up.  If it doesn, then you're barking up the right tree.  If it goes not, then I would check DS access to see what shows up there.  If the problem still exists, I would turn off the server.  The next stepp would be to perhaps put that server in another site in sites and services.  These are all things I would try and are not really exact answers.  I did some research and this does not seem to be a common problem with a lot of documentation so we'll just have to tinker until it works.  :)

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