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bad drivers or incompatable

The_Rhazza asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
I put ehe Sis5598_113 drivers on the pavilion 6330 and not I am have troubles,How to I take them off. And I get a boot not check cmos-bad(I got that once) I need the correct video drivers for this please. I am having a lot o trouble here.Please help
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Top Expert 2007

Depends on your operating system...

XP has a driver rollback feature.
Most other OS's will have a way to uninstall the driver.

You should be able to simply upgrade it though, if it's giving you problems...

boot into safe mode.

open device manager and delete the video there.

it would really help if you would make reference to your other questions(ie: pavillion 6330 and others) so we wont have to keep guessing things.
Is english not your native language?   You lost me with your typos, a bit, please proofread your questions and it is better to over explain then under.

I think we need a bit more info on what is going on, does your operating system NOT boot now?  is the PC hanging BEFORE it can boot?   etc etc....

Here's a link to specifics on that system also:   http://h20015.www2.hp.com/hub_search/document.jhtml?lc=en&docName=bph04436


The chipset- SiS 5598,cpu- 300 AMD K6-2 microprocessor, model #: D6379A. Please help me I am having  a lot of trouble get this computer working properly and I do not have good up-to-date drivers for it. I need to know how to take the sis5598 off so I will stop getting the blue screen of death.I  need  remove it from the device manager,then reboot (sometimes it will boot with safemode options instead of normal).Look I am having trouble and I donot seem to be able to get what I need to make this pavilion work properly. CAn you find what I need please.

The hp link I got http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/softwareList.jhtml. I was told that the video,sound and bios drivers were ther.WHERE. I need thoses drivers big time.

Are you still using Win95?

If so, try this driver (it ssays it will work for Win98/ME)




I flashed this system bios update but it did not work.I get zeros now.how can I get the origianal bios back and put them back on or clear the bios so that there is not or it will go back to what it was on the board.amd-k6-2/300.I am bagging.please help me get this back please!!!!

OK, to remove the drivers, boot into Safe Mode, right click My Computer, choose Properties, then Device Manager. Find your Display Controller, click it, and it should show your video card. Click the video card, so it is hihglighted, then click remove.

I'll drop you a link to a BIOS discussion when I have a minute.



he has different question running over the same basic thing.

He is posting here what he should have been there .

and right now he has messed up a bios flash and cant get anywhere.

have found the old bios to flash since he did not make a copy.(other question)

I am about done jumping from question to question trying to help.
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what he has done is to flash an old bios 7/99 from HP onto what he had. Not sure if it was that bios or a newer one that he had.

This is the only bios HP shows for the 6330.

From Q#

I just remembered, someone posted this on another question, as a last resort for a bad BIOS.

This is what it says:

Bad Flash - PC BIOS Reprogramming Replacement Recovery
$25 anywhere in the world

Sounds like a pretty good deal if you really trashed the BIOS

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