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Microsoft Access 1GB Memory Limit???

Is there a workaround to the Microsoft Access 1GB memory limit? I have a dual pentium xeon machine ... processors each running 1GB each. I can't take the RAM out to test the boundary. Need a workaround.

Thanks for your help.

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1 gig for 97, 2gig for 2000 or 2002 +

Use other databases with the data in them, then link them to your main database with forms etc. in it.  You can then use union query’s to join the tables, however, a query cant be bigger than 1gig also.  Type Specification into the help and you’ll get all the spec’s for your version.
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do you mean the access file size, not memory size?, the OS is the one that handles the ram and can allocate as much memory as access requires

I think you meant file size, the work around that s to break the database into frontend and backend, the front end will not have ant tables so its size will always be far less than access limit,

the backend will be the issue if you have zillions of records, and the workaround for that is to break the backend into many backends, ie backend1.mdb, backend2.mdb, and so on as you see what make sense, theleink the frontend.mdb to all the tables in all the backend(x).mdb   files, or the best will be to use SQL as backend for the access frontend, if bufget allows

I would add that you should compact and repair the database often to avoid the dreaded bloat.
Select Tools|Database Utilities|Compact and Repair.
Note that this cannot be done to an mde file

The limit for access is 2 gig of file size on the DISK for ONE mdb file.

ofcourse remember that this 2 gig is the 'theoretical' limit. Practical limit would be less than that. as a thumbrule-80% 1.6 gig

You are thinking about the RAM, which is not at all an issue in your case. I would imagine average user of access is in the range of 128 to256 megs of RAM and yet happy. sounds like the machine you have, you are far far away from reaching those limits.

If your mdb file is reaching the mentioned limit (1.8gig) then you have to split the mdb into seperate small mdbs and link them together. So virtually you have no limit on the file size also.

If at all you have constraints on the hard drive size (which i seriously doubt) you can split the database into more than one mdb file(s), place differnet mdb files on different machines and link them them together in one mdb.

Splitting the database means moving the tables from one mdb file to another mdb file and linking them together.

if you are using access2.0 (the grandmother times) then your limit on the file size is 1 gig, so start splitting if your mdbs are aproaching 800megs.
97 also has the 1 gig limit
Don't worry about the 2 or 1 gig limit.  You will never reach that anyway.  If you need to store a picture store a link to it.

Or just switch to MSDE backend... 2 gig limit
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I am not talking about the file size limitation, but a memory boundary similar to the one found in this article:;EN-US;161255

Is there a way to "trick" a program into only accessing 1GB of RAM?
The trick is in the article attached to the link that you provided. Update to Jet 4.0 then the problem will go away, or thats what Micrisoft says....

You receive an "Out of memory" error when you try to start Microsoft Access on a computer that has 1 gigabyte (GB) or more of random access memory (RAM).

To prevent the error, you can use either of the following methods:

Method 1

Run Access on a computer with less than 1 GB of RAM.

Method 2

Install the latest version of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with the Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 3.0 and 3.5. This problem no longer occurs in Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 3.51, which is available from Microsoft Download Center.


the link you provided also contains the answer to your problem, did you find that link after you raised your question? if yes then you can ask for a refund of points, I run access 97,2k,xp,2k3, on computers with more than 1 GB of ram and never seen this problem however I always have my os and application updated regularly, that is why I though you meant file size and not ram size as the ram problem is a very rare thing that I have never seen it is a bug and will be fixed by a patch and this is the workaround you need realy

how do i get a refund?
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