Doom Original Multiplayer windows xp

I am wondering if anyone knows how to play the original doom in a network over windows xp like via that ipx protocol or something
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Magus_opusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here we go!
heck im going to load it up myself!
Wojciech DudaCommented:
someone was developing doom using DirectX.  i think it was called legacy doom.  If i find the link i will post it here.  (i think they even made it 3 dimensional!)
volrathyAuthor Commented:
I will load it up tonight legacy doom if it is what I am looking for then its all good
it looks like you have to have an original copy or at least the shareware copy to play singleplayer this way.  Man that freelook is sweet!
Did you also see the dynamic lighting?  some parts look like halflife now! ......geez!
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